Duck and Run Pre-order .99c through 1 March

So very excited to share a bit more of Duck and Run with you, to include a .99c pre-order! For anyone who purchased it even earlier, no fear, you’ll get the 99c price. D&R releases on 26 February, so just a few weeks away!!

Cris and Nick are two characters who were a long time coming… around a decade. When I first wrote this story, I had Harlequin Intrigue in mind, so wrote the first half, and then a big tornado hit Oklahoma City and a book that opens with a tornado seemed super tone deaf. So I put it away for a few years. And then started writing again and fell in love with Cris and Nick again… And then another massive tornado hit in our region and I figured, that’s it, done with this one.

But something happened to me last year. Maybe it was because of the pandemic, maybe it’s my day-job retirement looming on the horizon, but I decided to get off my butt and finish things. So I finished the CASI series and I finished the Mariposa series.  And then I finished this book and dove into the next one (Broken Wings, coming in August).

I still adore Cris and Nick and the whole Red River Repossessions crew, and I hope you will as well!

Repossession agent Cristine O’Connor escaped the horrible memories of her past in Austin and buried herself deep in a new, safe, quiet life.
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Nick McClain sucks at undercover work, but that doesn’t stop the powers that be from sending him into the field, and into danger.
When Cris repossesses a car and discovers Nick locked in the trunk, it’s just a matter of time until their secrets—and their pasts—collide. They’ll need to risk everything, including their hearts, to survive.

Passing of an icon…

The book world lost an icon this month when Rachel Caine passed after a long battle with cancer.

I first “met” Rachel about a million years ago after I read the first book in her Weather Warden series, Ill Wind ( and adored it.

I was a very young writer at the time with only one book under my belt and a tiny newsletter following. But I’ve never been accused of being shy, so I reached out to Rachel for writing advice and to ask her for an interview for my 50 whole followers. I was so pleasantly surprised when she not only replied, but actually began a conversation with me about writing and reading and how her writing process worked. She graciously granted an interview, and we chatted off an on for about a year before I plunged into the business side of the publishing world as an editorial director for a small e-house.

But even when I wasn’t writing, I was reading, and I was reading her books. And as I did, I realized how much of a gift Rachel had given me in those early days…her most precious resource…time.

Her Stillhouse Lake books will always be one of my favorite suspense series, and I have a shelf full of Weather Warden books that I’ll always cherish.

I began writing again after a break, and that early advice from Rachel has been my constant companion since. To put your butt in the chair and write. To read, not only to see what’s trending in the market, but for the joy of it. And to understand the business of writing. What she didn’t tell me, but has impacted every book I’ve written, was how to write a kick-ass, sympathetic heroine, who stands her ground for what she knows is right. She gave us all Joanne Baldwin, and for that I’ll always be eternally grateful.

Rachel, you impacted a generation of writers and readers, and you’ll be missed so very much.



Lunatic Fringe, coming 25 August 2020

Sooo geeked that Lunatic Fringe, the third book in the CASI series, will be published on 25 August 2020. You can pre-order it now, if your heart desires 🙂 It’s only 99c through the end of August.

  • Kick-ass heroine losing her identity 1 day at a time
  • Cold as ice hero who’ll scorch the Earth for her
  • Frenemies to lovers
  • Saving the world (again)

This series has been a long time in the making, and I’m so happy to finish it up with Monica and Heath’s story, as well as closing the loop on the big bad that has been haunting the CASI crew for the last 3 books (and 1 novella).

And hey, if you’re new to the series, Behind Blue Eyes is FREE for the month of August, and Shoot to Thrill is just 99c. So what are you waiting for?

June Book Reviews

Greetings y’all!  In this month’s reads, I wasn’t quite as vociferous, as I was finishing up the first round of edits for Lunatic Fringe. BUT, I did read and adore these…

Dirty Like Me, Jaine Diamond — FANTASTIC rock star romance. I loved this book so much. Katie and Jesse are my new fave couple, and I can’t wait to gobble up the second book, which will be Jessa and Brody’s story. SOOO happy this is a completed series and on KU.

Wrapped up in You, Jill Shalvis — I’ve been a Shalvis fangirl since the early days, and her books never fail to be a comfort read when I need it the most. It’s guaranteed I’ll cry at the end, but they’re always happy tears 🙂  In the latest (and hopefully not last) book in the Heartbreaker Bay series, Ivy and Kel are a perfect match for each other, even though it seems like their happily ever after is impossible to reach, given their pasts. Because this is a romance, I always know they’ll get there, but SO much fun along the way 🙂  You can totally read this one as a stand alone, but why would you when there are 7 more books in the series? All as fun and sexy and happily-ever-after as the last.

Merry Christmas, Baby, Katie Reus — Super sweet, fun holiday romance (it’s only 105 here today, I needed some snow-LOL). If you’re looking for a short, heartwarming book w/o too much angst, then Nora and Jackson will do the trick. I read this in one sitting and had a huge smile on my face at the end of it…so much so that I bought the next book in the series.

May 2020 Reads

So I’m horrible about blogging, which is obvious from how many posts I have 🙂 But I AM an avid reader, so I thought I’d drop in once a month and let you know what I’ve enjoyed over the last month.

Fair warning, I tend to read VERY broadly — LOL.

  • Protect the Prince, Jennifer Estep — LOVED this second installment of the Crown of Shards trilogy. I can’t wait to read the third. Highly recommended. Fantasy romance.
  • Sinister Shadows, Colleen Gleason — Super fun, with a zany supporting cast and a fun romance. All the books in the Wicks Hollow series are fantastic. Mystery romance.
  • Aurora Blazing, Jesse Mihalik — Amazing second book in the Consortium Rebellion series (huh, reading a lot of second books this month) with a solid stand-alone romance. Sci-Fi romance.
  • The Transporter, Liz Maverick — High-stakes, fast moving with interesting characters… this is the first book in the Hudson Kings series (on KU) and I’m super interested to see where the series goes. Romantic suspense.
  • Brazen and the Beast — Love, love, love this book and series (Barenuckle Bastards). Feisty heroine, yummy hero. An all over just-wow series, with the 3d installment coming at the end of June. Historical romance.

New Site, New Book, New Blog!

Hello all (or at least the 3 people who see this off the bat 🙂 )!

Once upon a time I had a blog called Musings from the Blonde Side and I posted semi-regularly, and it had book reviews of stuff I really dug, and news about books and such. 

And then life happened and I stopped blogging entirely.

Now we’re in a new year. I’ve got a new website (oooh, look, shiny), a new (sorta) book (look to the right, look to the right!!!), and decided to start over with the blog. 

Because who I was back then isn’t really who I am now. Not that there was anything wrong with the old me 🙂 I just had a different set of priorities, and turning 50 seems to have given me a kind of freedom I didn’t really expect (along with hot flashes, ridiculous weight gain and the attention span of a fruit fly).

I won’t discuss politics on here (that’s what Twitter is for), but I will do random musings on most Mondays, and throw a recipe or two in when I have something I really like, and likely talk about the realities of getting older.

So if you like to chat about books, welcome!



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