Need a week to recover from my weekend!

The hubster and I spent the entire weekend at our rental house, getting it ready for our new tenant.  I always forget how tired & sore painting makes me!  But, it’s all done, so now we can concentrate on puttering around our house for the upcoming long weekend.

On the writing front, I’ve got two more chapters to write on Shoot to Thrill and I’m done with the first draft!!  Already know where I’m going with them, so  hope to finish it this weekend, then print out the hard copy and flesh it out a bit more.

Movie/Music Monday…Soundtrack to Shoot to Thrill

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I’m jamming along with Shoot to Thrill, so I thought I’d share my soundtrack.  I listen to a TON of different music, so putting together a soundtrack is always one of the fun parts of writing a book.  Soooo, in no particular order:

  • Shoot to Thrill, AC/DC
  • Drift & Die, Puddle of Mudd
  • Wonder, Natalie Merchant
  • Bitch, Meredith Brooks
  • Baby Get Lost, Dana Owens
  • No Time to Kill, Clint Black
  • Sinner’s Prayer, Sully Erna (isn’t that the BEST name ever?)
  • The Warrior, Scandal
  • Invincible, Pat Benetar
  • (Don’t You) Forget About Me, Simple Minds
  • Enter Sandman, Metallica
  • Run this Town, Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West
  • Sweet Surrender, Sarah McLachaln
  • King of Sorrow, Sade
  • What a Girl Wants, Christina Aguilera
  • Somebody Already Broke my Heart, Sade
  • Smooth, Santana featuring Rob Thomas
  • Here to Stay, Pat Methany Group
  • Human Nature, Michael Jackson
  • Come Away With Me, Norah Jones
  • Heaven, Los Lonely Boys
  • Turn Me On, Norah Jones
  • Cold, Annie Lennox
  • Sound of Madness, Shinedown
  • At Last, Etta James
  • Carnival, Natalie Merchant
  • Why, Annie Lennox
  • The Closer I Get to You, Fourplay
  • 183 Miles, Pru
  • Stranglehold, Ted Nugent
  • Boys of Summer, Don Henley
  • Guitars, Cadillacs, Dwight Yoakum
  • Twilight Zone, Golden Earring
  • Meet Me at Midnight, Diana Muldaur
  • Don’t Dream it’s Over, Crowded House
  • True, Spandau Ballet
  • If You Only Knew, Shinedown
  • Constant Craving, k.d. lang

Thoughts?  Anything I should consider adding?

On changing titles and government budgets…

In happy news, I’m still gainfully employed by the DoD, which was obviously a bit of a concern.  The only good thing that would have come out of a government shutdown would be the fact I was going to work on my WiP, but I’ll take the steady paycheck, thanks *G*.

Upon reviewing the # of books out there with the title Kiss Me Deadly, decided to go with something else…Shoot to Thrill.  Heard it on the radio and thought it was kismet.  I’m 46K deep now, and am hoping to produce 1K/day for at least the next two-three weeks to get the first draft complete.  Over the last week I did first-round revisions (even though the first round wasn’t done yet), and  found what had been holding me up.  Are you ready?  I didn’t know what the heroine majored in in college.  Goofy?  Maybe, but what made it even sillier was the fact that as soon as I figured it out consciously, I found all the places  where I’d been manifesting it through her actions and words.  Felt kinda goofy, to be honest!!

Anyway, that seems to have broken the block I’ve had, and I can see the book through to the end now.  Hopefully I’ll be telling you I’m done soon!


Checking back in…

Sorry for the absence last week.  As I noted on Friday, my modem went tango uniform, and pretty much put me out of biz for the week, since the DoD won’t let us look at blogs at work.  I got a ton of writing done this last week, pumping out 7300 words on Live and Let Die, which is well over my personal goal of 6000 words per week, so I’m pretty pleased with that.


I’m trying something new this time around…I’m just writing, balls to the wall, without going back to read anything.  Sure, here and there I’m going back and adding something in as it strikes me, but I suspect I’ll be going more into the notes function mode as the story progresses, so I don’t slow myself down.  In a pie-in-the-sky ideal, I’d love to have the draft done by the time I head to RWA in July, but we’ll see.  If I continue on the 6K a week, then it’s certainly feasible.


One thing that I thought was going to be a real challenge on this book was making Arin’s voice very distinct and different from Sara’s in View, since both stories are told in first person.  I think I’ve succeeded, but we’ll see what my critique partners say *g*.


And, I decided that I’m going to work on Omega Five simultaneously, as long as I get my word count done for the day.  We’ll see how that plays out, but since I’m already 5K deep on that one, it seems like the thing to do, especially since the characters are talking to me…and in no uncertain words *g*.

Checking in, word count and agent update…

 Sorry about the absence yesterday.  WordPress wasn’t letting me in at 6 am, and I had to head to the dreaded day job shortly thereafter.  This morning however, is a whole ‘nother story!!

In rockin’ great news I’m jamming on Duck and Run…in the last week I wrote 4.5K and got past the part that was stalling me by putting in an action/danger scene as well as a torrid kiss that really moves the plot forward.  My goal is to pump out at least 1K per day (getting back to my original daily goal), if not more, so I can get the first draft finished and into critiques pronto.

In the agent hunt, I’m still on the search…I’ve got it out to five agents now, and am pitching to an agent and editor in March at my local chapter’s mini-conference.  I figured I’d pitch View to the agent and Duck and Run to the editor.  Even if that doesn’t pan out, I want to have both ready to rock for the conference in San Francisco in July. 

Writing and agent hunt update…

 Well, I haven’t done squat when it comes to writing new stuff…I worked on Skully’s revisions over the weekend for Breath of Heaven (after sleeping for almost 14 hours on Saturday night), and now I’m noodling with which book to start.  I think I’m going to start playing with Live and Let Die and see where it takes me.  I’ve already got the synopsis done, and the first few pages fleshed out, so cross fingers for me.  If nothing else, I’ll kick butt and take names this weekend, since I’m feeling tons better.

On the agent front, I collected another rejection, but it was a good, personalized one, so I’m not totally dejected, even though this is kind of becoming old hat.  I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been at this writing gig for a good long while, because my skin has become ultra thick…LOL.  I know I write “different” stuff…I just need to find an agent who loves it as much as I do *g*!  I know that they’re out there, it’s just finding the connection, y’know?  I think part of it is that I was perfectly happy in writing “e” for a long time, and I developed great discipline from it…now I want to take the next step as Terri (with my mainstream stuff) while I continue writing for the “e” market as Keira.

Be Someone’s Valentine Contest

Be Someone’s Valentine Contest

Congratulations to Dave Maynard, our January winner!

February 2008 prizes!

  • PDF download of JB Skully’s Dead to the Max, Book 1 in the Max Starr series
  • From Leigh Wyndfield, download of the reader’s choice!
  • From Dee Knight, a signed copy of Impatient Passion
  • From Keira Ramsay, download of the reader’s choice

Here’s how the contest works!

When:  It runs the first of the month through the 20th of the month.  We’ll choose one winner on the 21st and make the notification.  The next contest will then begin on the 1st.

How:  To enter, simply go through each of our sites, find the answers to our monthly questions, then send an email with your answers to skullycontest@gmail.com  The winner will be chosen at random from amongst the entries with the correct answers.  We will contact you, ask for your snail mail address and you’ll get lots of presents!

Who:  Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully, Dee S. Knight, TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay, Leigh Wyndfield.

Newsletter:  We’d love to keep you updated on our new releases so we will be adding you to our newsletter lists unless you specifically tell us not to in your email entry.

Restrictions:  You MUST be 18 years or older to enter and US residents only.

February 2008 questions!

  • Jasmine Haynes/ Jennifer Skully/JB Skully
  • Question: In the Dead to the Max excerpt, how long ago was Cameron killed? (hint: click on the “buy-it” link for Dead to the Max and it will take you to liquidsilverbooks.com to read the excerpt, no need to buy.)
  • Dee S. Knight
  • Question: In Impatient Passion (which came out on Valentine’s Day 5 years ago!) who was it who died and left Austin the money to invest and buy her
  • TL Schaefer/ Keira Ramsay
  • Question:  In the excerpt from Sea of Dreams, what is Fiona’s aunt’s name?

Just rambling…

 No Thursday Thirteen for me today, because I’m still not quite up to snuff.  Did okay at work yesterday, but thank goodness I didn’t have to make any major decisions.  Instead, I shuffled paper *g*.

Now I’m trying to get my head wrapped around what I’m gonna work on next…methinks the shifter book, at last for now.  It’s the one speaking to me the most now, so we’ll see what happens.  I have the glimmer of a plot, and the hero and heroine were almost fully formed in my mind as I wrote the first few hundred words, so that’s good.

I’ve FINALLY been able to concentrate enough to read tho (YEAH), and am about 2/3 of the way through Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole….in a word…yum!!!

Triscuits…quite possibly the perfect food

So I signed up with three other chickies to do a Biggest Loser thing on the base, and we started last Monday.  As I do every year (at least for the past several), I take a few weeks to write down everything I’m eating (and drinking…I love my wine), so I can reprogram myself.  Not so much in calories, but in the actual content of what I’m eating…i.e., what percentage is fat, sugars, fiber, that sort of thing.

As usual, my fiber quotient is seriously lacking, and my protein is through the ceiling.   So I did a bit of ‘Net surfing, and found not one, but two answers to my problem…the first is Fiber One cereal for lunch.  Yeah, it looks like a bunch of twigs, but it actually tastes pretty damned good, especially if you’re not a regular cereal eater.  The second, tho, was a major breakthrough for me…Triscuits.  They’ve got a cracked pepper and olive oil version out now that’s quite simply FAB.  It’s got some protein, but just as much fiber, which is what I needed.  I’ve also been eating oatmeal for breakfast, and have one of those little baggies of carrots and some apples at my desk for when I want something sweet.

After my first week, I felt fabulous, and was drinking just as much, if not more water than I’d wanted to, so it’s a bennie in both areas.

I weighed in last Monday, and probly won’t again until sometime mid-week, so I’ll be posting my last weigh in.

1/7/08…223 lbs  (yeah, I gained 3 over the holidays–wine weight–which makes my net loss last year 12 lbs)

1/23/08…219 lbs (woohooo…I lost 4 pounds in two weeks!)

On the agent front, I had one reject, but still have four out there, one who has the first 100 pages of View, so until I hear from her, one way or the other, I’m holding tight, baby!

Yeah, it’s Friday!!

Not much going on with me today…I spent last night getting my first-round edits on Sea of Dreams finished and back to my wonderful editor.  It seems that I have a new “favorite” word with every manuscript.  This time it was “then”.  One hundred and twenty-eight of them (in a 30,000 word manuscript) to be exact.  Holy crap! Luckily, a majority of them were total fluff, and something I could take out without impacting the sentence or the scene, but a few required rewrites, because I had ’em bunched together.  Sigh.  Last year my fave word was “that”….so now it’s on my watchword list and I go through and take out as many as I can before sending up.  Guess I’ve gotta add “then”, as well.

This weekend I’ve got line edits on the print version of Saints of Midland, a critique for Leigh, and a critique for Pat, so not sure how much writing I’m gonna get done, which is oddly comforting for some reason.  I seriously blazed through 24K in Breath of Heaven in one month, which is *really* fast for me, and so now I like the idea of letting it percolate a bit.  I think, if my schedule permits, that I’m gonna take next Friday off, and that’s what I’ll do…reread and get some word count in before I head down to my RWA meeting in Oklahoma City…