Writing playlist; headbanging songs I like

Thirteen songs on my “Into the Fire” playlist

This book has been all about head-banging goodness, with my traditional favorites thrown in for good measure, because they put me in the writing mood.  Keep in mind I’m writing about firefighters and a serial arsonist, so they kinda make sense.


  1. Stupify, Disturbed
  2. Click, Click, Boom, Saliva
  3. Side of a Bullet, Nickelback
  4. Higher Ground, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. Deify, Disturbed
  6. So Cold, Breaking Benjamin
  7. Inside the Fire, Disturbed (yeah, I know, obvious choice, given the content)
  8. Bleed it Out, Linkin Park
  9. Selling the Drama, Live (one of my tried-and-true standard songs)
  10. Interstate Love Song, Stone Temple Pilots (same as above)
  11. Bodies, Drowning Pool
  12. All She Can See, Dishwalla (because it’s got a great bass beat)
  13. Hemorrhage (In My Hands), Fuel