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Getting my mojo back…

It’s no secret to anyone who reads this blog (or listens to my incessant whining) that I’ve been mojoless (yes, that’s a real word, at least in Terri-land) for about three months.  This weekend I got my mojo back.  How, you might ask?  I was feeling particularly wonky, so I hopped in the tub and picked up one of the books sent to me in the NRCA last year.   Decent enough story, but it had a plot hole big enough to drive an M1A1 Abrams tank through.  No, I’m not gonna say which book it was, because like I said, I liked the story well enough with the exception of that little gem.


Sooo, you may ask, how did this give me my mojo back?  Because I realized, in reading this book, that *I* write better than that, and if this chick can get a contract, so can I. So I went downstairs, poured myself a glass of wine, popped in the iPod and got to work on Into the Fire.


Since my revelation late Saturday night, I’ve written 2,500 GOOD words.  Not crap words I’m gonna have to go back and change, but good words that advance the story (oh, and they were pretty damned hot too, because this is a Molten-level novella). 


Do I sound pleased as punch and a little smug?  Damn straight I do!  LOL.