word count update

Survived Christmas, and writing update!

We made it through Christmas with our sanity reasonably intact (tho that’s certainly open to interpretation).  Did some shopping and such this morning, then I parked on the sofa and did some promo/Liquid Silver work as well as critting for a friend.

Then I drug out the whiteboard and updated where I thought I needed to go with Kiss Me Deadly, since I’m really close to the middle, which is probably why I’ve been stalling *G*.  I think it helped me out tremendously, but I guess we’ll see if I avoid the dreaded sagging middle.

Got 1750 words done in about an hour, and they were all “good” words, so I’m pretty pleased.  Even though this book is in first person (the heroine’s POV), I think the hero comes through pretty clearly, though that’ll probably be my biggest area of rewrites on the next pass after I type “the end”, just to make sure I get him right.

Tomorrow we de-Christmasize the house, and on Tuesday the hubster heads back to work for a few days, so I’m gonna try to continue the 1500 word minimum/day at least through the New Year, tho I can see myself doing significantly more on the days I’m alone *G*.

Okay, now off to watch an episode of Eureka on Netfix as my reward, before I head to bed.

Talk atcha soon!

Writing joy…

My total for last weekend was a whopping 9.5K and I actually really liked all the words, to include two scary-hot love scenes.  It was kinda weird writing them while football was on and the hubby about three feet away, yelling at the TV *g*. 


Current word count stands at just over 22K.  I think figuring out who the baddie was helped *g*.  I had a vague idea of their identity, but as I wrote, it coalesced.  So basically what I’m gonna do is write straight through to the end, then go back and layer a bit more suspense in.  As a novella coming in at around 30K, I can’t make it overly complicated, especially since the sex is ultra-hot (if I do say so myself), and because this is an erotic romance, takes center stage.  Still, I just can’t write stories that are boink-fests…I’ve gotta have a plot in there, some element of danger, otherwise it just doesn’t work for me.


Starting on Sunday, I’m in Montgomery, Alabama for the week for day-job training, so I’ll pop on when I can, but I’m not sure what kind of internet access I’ll have.  If nothing else, I’ll get a ton of writing done!

Weekend word count, redux…

I “only” got 1500 words done today…significantly shy of what I wanted, but I had a bunch of stuff to take care of…honey-do’s, if you will.  Still, I’m really pleased with what I wrote, and we’ll see what happens when tomrrow rolls around…

Kicking ass and taking names…word count update

Kicked major bootie this weekend on the word count…got 4K written over Saturday and Sunday, and finished up with an additional 2K on Monday.  Since it was a holiday, I’m counting it as part of the weekend, dammit *g*.


This one book has been a bit different for me because I’m writing at a higher level of sensuality, what Liquid Silver alls “Molten”…  This is definitely pushing my heat level index *g*!! In order to make the h/h’s relationship plausible, I had to make them old lovers, otherwise the progression was just too fast for me, as a writer.  Which of course meant I had to scrap the beginning at least three times while I figured it out. Sigh.  While it’s certainly been an experience so far, I guess my critique partners will be the ones to tell me if I’m totally gonzo for even trying this!

Back to biz tomorrow, promise!

Just thought I’d pop in briefly for a word count update and to wave “hi”.  My FiL has been in town since last Wednesday, and I’m taking him back to the airport right after lunch today.  I love him to death, but he tires me out!!  Maybe I’ve just gotten used to the whole Oklahoma laid back thing, and he’s still at California speed…dunno, but it’s been a fun visit.

On word count, I obviously got less than I wanted to done because we were entertaining all week, but I did manage to pump out 1,900 words in between male grunts of happiness on Saturday (Notre Dame won) and outrage on Sunday (yeah, the whole Chargers debacle).

I was hoping to get a ton done this weekend, but we’re part of an historic homes tour on Sunday, so I imagine I’ll work myself into a frenzy Saturday and Sunday morning over that, so we’ll see *g*.

In happy news, I did find a pair of awesome Nike’s at the Base Exchange last weekend, so beginning next week, it’s back to the workout game for me.  I’ve gone too damn long without hitting bricks, and I’m wondering if my lack of productivity isn’t tied to that a bit as well…I always think up great ideas and plot twists when I’m working out.

Wish me luck!

Not so hot on the word count…

I didn’t do so well this week.  I only logged about 1500 words, which was kinda disappointing, but I got an editing job done, and a bunch of editorial director admin stuff finished, so now my slate is clean, baby!


The FiL is coming in tonight for a week, but I fully expect him and the hubster to be entranced by football this weekend, so I’m hoping to hit my 5K goal then, if not more.


Rinda, however, is freakin’ BOOKING, baby…she wrote over 8K in two days…I’m totally jealous, because I can remember the days when I did that (almost…I think my high two-day total was 6K)…usually over a holiday break or when I have the house to myself *g*.


Karen, according to her blog, got whacked by a migraine, which I can totally sympathise with, so come out of it soon, darlin’!!


Okay, back to the keyboard, because I WILL make my wordcount this week, and more, dammit!

Word Count Update and such…

Woohoo!  I’m up to 8K on Live & Let Die!  I’ve even figured out who my bad guy is, which has happened with the last two books, so either I’m growing as a writer (which is kinda what I’m hoping), or I’ve just got these books so much in my head that I’m figuring it out early and instinctually.


I’m hoping to jam out a bunch over the rest of the week and the weekend, tho I’ve got a gig on Sunday for a few hours with the historic district we live in.  Hey, if nothing else, maybe it’ll give me some other ideas *g*.


So I was perusing Amazon and Fictionwise this week after I hit my word count, and I’m seeing a ton of witch and demon stories out there.  Since I’ve been writing about witches for eight years, and had a demon book fully plotted out before I got sidetracked by View to a Kill…I have to wonder if what that editor at Berkley wasn’t right about me writing ahead of the curve.  Damn, that would be pretty freakin’ cool!!


Lastly, for anyone who buys at Fictionwise (like I do, for the “forever” library), Sea of Dreams was released there on Monday, so boogie over and grab a copy!!