Word Count update; fast draft

Labor Day Word Count Update

I got a little bit less done this week than I’d originally intended…just under 3K on Into the Fire and 1K of revision on View to a Kill.  But hubby and I got a ton done around the house, so that’s some consolation, and I’m really pleased with the word count I did pump out.


I’m taking a page from Rinda and Karen’s playbooks, and starting a fast-track rough draft.  Into the Fire is a novella, so in all actuality, I will probably finish the entire thing by the end of September…or at least I hope so.


A large part of what I wrote was Monday night, when I cranked out over 1200 words in an hour, which is really booking for me.  I think there was just something about it being the end of Labor Day weekend, and the fact I could look around the house and see everything I’d accomplished.  Because…drumroll please…we’re done with the interior decorating besides our bedroom, which we’ll get to when we get to it.


Wordcount updates are to the right, and I’ll be updating them daily, even if I don’t post about it…