What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

Writing, not reading, lately…

Well, as you saw from my conspicuous lack of a post on Tuesday, not much reading going on in the Schaefer household.  It just seems crazed with the holidays and the pending leave I’ve got coming up for the holidays, so by the time I get home, I’m wiped.  I basically cook dinner and plop down for MASH and Cops, then a bit of writing or answering e-mail.  Wow, I’m definitely living la vida loca!!

In happy news, I’m up to 2,160 words on Breath of Heaven.  I didn’t get as much done over the long weekend as I’d planned, simply because I wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday, and that kinda blended over into Sunday.  That puts me a smidge behind where I’d planned on being, but I also gave myself plenty of cushion time at the end of December.  I’d much rather use that working on either Live and Let Die or Angels of Redemption.  I also got Sea back from crit partner #2 (Skully) and she had some great suggestions I’m going to phase in over the week before I shoot it off to #3 (Leigh).

My critique partners and I set goals this last week, so I thought I’d share mine.  Most of it is dependent on whether I sell View to a Kill to New York…

If I do:  Live and Let Die and Die Another Day, along with a category length erotic book for Black Lace tentatively titled Omega Five

If I don’t:  Angels of Redemption for Samhain, Omega Five, and Paragons of Virtue for Samhain

In non-writing news, we went to Enid Lights up the Plains on Friday night and it was fan-freakin’-tastic!!  It started snowing just as we left the house to run some errands, so by the time we got downtown, it was really coming down.  We’d reserved a table at one of our fave restaurants downtown (Panevino) and enjoyed an awesome glass of Chardonnay and ordered our tapas when the fireworks kicked off.  They were quite simply gorgeous, against the backdrop of falling snow and background Christmas music.  After a truly cool finale, we ventured back inside and enjoyed a leisurely dinner before heading home to our already-decorated house (August did most of it on Thursday while I cooked).  All in all, it was an awesome way to finish up the Thanksgiving holiday, and start the Christmas season.

What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

I kicked ass and took names this week!  I finished Sea of Dreams and sent it off to crit partner #1 (Pat) on Sunday, after cranking out 7,000 words over the weekend.  Now she can tell me whether I’ve been smoking crack *g*.

Then, on Monday, I dove into Breath of Heaven, since that world is so fresh in my mind.  I got the first 500 words written, as well as my outline, and looking forward to getting more done over the long weekend.

On that note, happy day-before-Turkey Day, everyone!  In the Schaefer household, it’s just August and I, so we got a smaller bird, and will be dining off of that for some time *g*.  August is going to string the Christmas lights tomorrow as I get the bird and fixings into the oven, and then on Friday, instead of joining the shopping melee, we’ll be decorating the rest of the casa, then heading down to our annual tradition, Enid Lights Up the Plains.  I’ll talk more about that on Saturday, after we go.

So what are y’all’s plans for the holiday?

Edit:  So Pat already sent me her crit (yeah!).  Guess I’ll be working on that this weekend in addition to Breath.  I’m so happy I’m writing again!

What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

Hey all…I’m baaaaack, and for good this time.  Our old house is officially rented out (and the new tenant has started to move in), and everything in the new place is done, except for picking up and hanging a few pics upstairs.  The garage door guy comes next week to install our new door and opener, and then we’re completely golden!

I haven’t done a ton of writing lately…was hella busy with the move, but I’m hoping to get back on the horse this week and finish up Sea of Dreams in the next two weeks, then get started on Breath of Heaven.  I know I’ve said it before, but I’d really like to finish both of them up and subbed before the end of the year.

On the agent front, the first agent I sent View to passed on it, but like the editor rejection I got, it was a very positive rejection, one where the gist was… “this isn’t right for me, but you will be able to sell this book.”  So that’s encouraging, if nothing else.  I’ve got it subbed to another agent already, so we’ll see what happens.

I stepped on the scale today, and am holding at 220 lbs, so that’s good, especially since I’ve been pretty much eating (and drinking) what I want.

Other than that, I’m just looking forward to writing a bit again, and to a bit of time off at the holidays!

What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

Tons of things going on this week, not the least of which is some serious nail-biting going on in our household over the SoCal fires.  All of August’s immediate and extended family lives in the San Diego and LA area.  While Mom, Dad, sisters, and their kids are fine and dandy, a whole passel of his aunts, uncles and cousins were evacuated from the Rancho Bernardo area, and have no idea (yet) if their homes are still standing.  Cross fingers and toes for me that all is well.

We’re neck deep in boxes here, which is great, because it means the move is that much closer.  We close on Monday, and it seems like it’s taken forever to get here, but zipped by at the same time, if you know what I mean.  In happy news, we’ve already rented out our current house to an incoming student pilot, so we’re only carrying two mortgages for two weeks.  Whew!  That was a massive relief.  I found out, while packing up the office, that I have WAY too many books.  Seriously.  I gave away three big grocery bags to my elderly next door neighbor, have three more sitting in my truck to give to a reader at the base commissary, and at least three more sitting in the room I’ll probably take to one of our senior care facilities.  Never mind that there are two huge boxes and three grocery bags full that I’m keeping, tho most of those are research books and the paperbacks I couldn’t quite let go of (think Vonnegut, King and the keeper list I posted a while back on my Thursday 13).

Because of this, I haven’t done squat when it comes to writing.  I’m still trying to write my heroine out of the corner I’ve painted her into, but I think I have the solution.  Now there’s something wrong with her backstory that’s stalling me.  I’ll figure it out, probably while I’m unpacking and have nothing to write on *g*!!

That’s pretty much it for this week.  Obviously next week I’ll be checking in sporadically, as I get this house completely packed, and start moving into the new one, but I’ll post when I can!!

What’s Going on With Me Wednesday

Like I said yesterday, I’m kinda scattered lately, moreso than usual (if you can believe that).  A lot of it is from the move.  Okay, most (if not all) of it is from the move.  I’m finding myself not being very productive because I’m excited, but I’m  also starting to come up with what I think are some pretty good ideas that I’m writing down on scratch pads and such.  I guess I’m just not feeling the love when it comes to actually sitting down and writing, tho the front seat of my truck looks like I’ve already plotted an entire book in one-sentence teasers *g*.   I think part of it is also seeing what the agent I sent View to has to say.  That always stalls me for a bit.  Kind of an anticipation/dread war going on in my head.

I’ve got my monthly RWA chapter meeting this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone since I haven’t seen them for a few months.  My friends Rinda and Rachel are giving the presentation, which is sure to be interesting.

Other than that, the packing starts in earnest on Sunday.  I’ve been piddling around a little bit, stowing stuff in boxes here and there, but then I kinda petered out.  I think I started too soon, and realized we actually needed half of the crap I’d been planning on packing.  Anyway, the “office” definitely get’s taken care of on Sunday (if not before), because there’s about a zillion old books in there that I’ll never read again.  I’m going to donate them to the area convalescent homes…heck, I really want someone to enjoy them and pass them on!  I also had quite a bit of fun cleaning out my drawers in my bathroom.  Who knew I had Lortabs left from when I got my tubes tied years ago?  Same with Mobic and some other weird stuff I can’t even remember.  The pharmacist on base is gonna have a field day with what I turn in for destruction!

Well, that’s it, at least for now.  Hope everyone’s having a great week, and I’ll try to pop in at least once more this week.