Movie Review…Twister

 Sorry for the absence last week…I was under the weather a bit, so just concentrated on getting well.  With tornado season right around the corner, I thought I’d talk about Twister.

Twister (1996)…I remember the first time I saw this movie…we were stationed in the Azores, it was winter, and we were watching anything and everything to pass the time.  So we’re watching this movie and scoffing at it a bit, because no tornado could possibly that big (keep in mind we’re both originally from California, and had no experience whatsoever with twisters).  Then, a few months later, we get our orders stateside, and lo and behold, we’re heading right into the area the movie was filmed.  So of course we put the flick back in and watched it carefully…still scoffing until we actually heard the name of the town we’d be moving to mentioned.  Holy crap!  I flew into Oklahoma a week before my hubby, and on my first night in base billeting we had three tornadoes touch down about thirty miles north in the infamous town of Wakita.  Welcome to Oklahoma!!  And then, two years later, the mother of all tornadoes roared through most of the state, making the movie version look like a piker.

When it comes to the movie itself, at the heart of it, it’s a romance, albeit one with tons of special effects.  The most spectacular special effects still make me giggle…most notably the flying cows.  I’m not seeing that EVER happening…sorry.  The characters, specifically Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, were fun and didn’t take themselves too seriously, which made their one-liners particularly amusing.  While this flick isn’t Oscar material, it’s fun, the special effects are pretty damned interesting and all in all, it’s a decent way to spend two hours.  The best part for me?  The music was seriously kick ass!