Thursday 13; Thursday Thirteen; RWA memories

Thirteen things I loved about RWA Nationals

So yeah, I’m a bit late on talking about this, but to be honest, I’m just now coming up for air due to the day job and editing management stuff. 


  1. The feeling of sisterhood I get every single time I go to an RWA function…be it my local chapter meetings or the big shindig
  2. Learning something in a class I didn’t know, and realizing how it’s going to impact me immediately.  This year it was some great information on Borders and how national distribution works
  3. Free books!  Yes, my name is Terri and I’m a complete book addict
  4. Enjoying a new city…even though San Francisco is old hat for me, I loved reconnecting with one of my favorite cities on earth
  5. Meeting new people.  Believe it or not, I can actually be a bit shy in big crowds, but meeting a new person who I connect with is always exceptionally special to me
  6. Getting quality time with my critique partners…I miss them horribly throughout the year, so this is always one of the biggest pieces of Conference I look forward to
  7. Reconnecting with old friends I only see once a year
  8. Realizing the kindness of strangers (more on this in tomorrow’s post)
  9. Actually getting real, fresh sushi…kind of a hard thing to find in Oklahoma (and yet somehow I manage)
  10. The Literacy Signing.  I love participating in this, because I can’t imagine a better charity we, as writers, can support
  11. Schmoozing in the bar…and the requisite smoking area.  That’s where you always find everyone…even La Nora!
  12. Getting excited about writing again…seems like I start to poop out a bit in the creativity department about a month before Nationals…almost like I’m giving myself a smidge of summer vacation.  Brushing elbows with truly great authors never fails to inspire me!
  13. Coming home.  Two weeks on the road was a long time for me, and packing up to come home was almost a treat…because I knew I’d be greeted at the door, no matter what the hour, by my kitties!