Six sentence sunday; The Summerland

Six Sentence Sunday–Bill’s first look at Arden in The Summerland

This is from my first book, waaaaaaay back in the day, and is where the hero first sees the heroine.  Hope you enjoy!

He took his first look at Arden Jones and knew he was in a heap of trouble. She was striking–not beautiful in any conventional sense, but she had a presence about her that you recognized from the get-go and wore like a shield. Her long, lean body fairly screamed tension, and he could almost feel it radiating off her in waves. Ash blonde hair was swept up in a ruthless military-style twist, and even though she wasn’t in uniform, Bill doubted anyone would mistake her for anything but a take-charge person. What makeup she did have on was tasteful and discreet and the navy blue suit she wore radiated quiet authority and a no-shit attitude. The only thing that saved her from looking like a full-on bitch was the genuine distress in and around her changeable hazel eyes and full, bottom-heavy mouth.