six sentence sunday; behind blue eyes

Meet Brian and Sara from Behind Blue Eyes (Six Sentence Sunday)

This is kinda fun!  This time around, I pulled something from my latest book (Behind Blue Eyes) with Samhain. Hope you enjoy!

He wanted answers, but I could guarantee he wouldn’t believe the ones I gave him. Because they only raised more questions, and because, in my experience, cops didn’t buy what they couldn’t see, smell or touch, especially a Null.

I watched him walk away with a long, loping stride that ate up the asphalt, and admired the way his butt moved beneath the fabric of his slacks. He may have been a confrontational prick, but he had a fine body.

I sighed in appreciation and a little bit of loneliness I quickly smashed to bits in my psyche.

Looked like it was another night with my boyfriend-in-a-box, Jon (as in Bon Jovi).

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