Six sentence sunday

Six Sentence Sunday — Wolf in the Hand

Since I just finished Shoot to Thrill, here’s the next novella on my schedule (it’ll be a Keira book).  The tenative title is Wolf in the Hand.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Lily Tremaine slid through the forest, missing the comforting weight of her Beretta at her hip.  Her quarry, her new reason for living, lay just ahead.  She just had to get close enough to Carter to slit his vicious throat—then at least the murder charge hanging over her head would mean something.  Not that she’d live past the fatal swipe.  His minions would make sure she was dead before his body even hit the ground.  Which was all right with her–his death was the only thing she had to live for anymore.

Six Sentence Sunday — Intro to Gavin, Gardens of Stone

So this is yet another of my Works in Progress.  I’d forgotten how much fun Gavin was until I re-read this!  Hope you enjoy…


Gavin pressed a splayed palm against his wounded shoulder and gritted his teeth.  This was not how he’d expected to be animated from his prison of stone.

The vandal who’d fainted as soon as he’d become skin and bone—and a griffin at that—laid at this feet.  He’d shifted just seconds after the reanimation, but his defacer was already out cold.

He glanced left, then right, nothing catching his preternatural senses.  The human who’d known the exact words to say, in the exact ancient dialect and accent, was alone.