TABT…Song of Scarabeus

Finished this one over the weekend and really, really liked it!  Creasy has created a descriptive, vivid universe that pits the huge, unscrupulous Crib against the hardscrabble Fringers and those caught in between.  This book deals mostly with Edie, a child who’s been brought up utilize her special skills to ‘talk’ to both the bio and tech sides of terraforming and Finn, a slave forced to act as her bodyguard.  The story centers around Edie’s kidnapping by pirates, and their “mission” to recover very expensive hardware from the very first planet she helped terraform (note…this is hugely, dramatically oversimplified).

Creasey has done a fabulous job not only in universe building, but in giving us real, three-dimensional characters that we can really get behind.  From Edie and Finn’s developing relationship to the secondary characters on board the Hoi Polloi and from her past, this is an exceedingly well-drawn sci-fi story, very light on the romance (so don’t go in expecting that).

All in all, a great read, and I can’t wait to see where the next book takes us!