Sandra Bullock

M/M Monday…Miss Congeniality

M/M Monday…Miss Congeniality (2000) I watched this one again over the weekend.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this movie, even through its semi-cheesy moments.  Sandra Bullock has a real flair for comedy, something I guess we’re not really used to seeing from her.  Never mind that Ben Bratt is some serious eye-candy in this flick and Michael Caine is hysterical as they flamboyantly gay contestant handler.  Candace Bergen is a hoot as the tyrannical pageant manager, and William Shatner is…well, he’s William Shatner, and he plays his role with unabashed Shatnerness. 

There are some laugh-out-loud moments, and a few “that’s too cheesy for words”, but for the most part, this is a feel-good movie that’s the equivalent of meringue cookies…light and fluffy, with no real damage done.  If you’re looking for a chick flick that even your hubby will enjoy (mine did!), then definitely grab this for some mindless fun.