Paul Newman RIP

Survived the early-onset flu, Paul Newman and a cool article

Yeah, you read this right.  I got the flu.  Or at least as near as we can figure.  It knocked me out for the entire week, but now I’m feeling well enough to head back to the day job (blech).  Alas, couldn’t use that time for writing, because it felt like my head was gonna explode!  Oh well, at least I got it over for the year!  And this year, hubby can’t bitch about me not getting the flu shot (I traditionally avoid it…I’m a healthy 41-year-old…they need those shots for other folks more at risk than I).

Obviously one of the big things that happened this week (not economy or politics related) was the death of Paul Newman.  That just made me sad.  I realize he was ill, and he’s in a better place now, but he had such an expansive body of work, both on and off screen, that it makes me think the world is a little bit poorer this week for the loss of him.  My thoughts go out to his wife of 50 years as well.  Think of the struggles they faced in keeping a “Hollywood” marriage together that long.  My favorite movie of them together was obviously The Long, Hot Summer (damn, that was an awesome flick), but I think A New Kind of Love too often gets overlooked.

On a kinda related note…as I was recouping, I came across this article on CNN

I found it really interesting for one very important reason…as a writer, I strive to make actions (both good and bad) more important than words.  Be honest, if you read a book, be it a romance or not, where all the people did was sit around and talk about their feelings, wouldn’t it hit the wall after the first chapter?  I know it would for me.

As a reader, I want to see the folks in the books I read grow throughout the course of the novel.  This is why I read romance, I think.  I like to see the protagonists (and even the antagonist) change as the book progresses.  I want to see their growth, and I don’t want it to be because the author “told” me they grew, through a series of sit-downs.  Instead, I want to see it mirrored in actions, even if they’re the smallest things.  Because often, those tiny gestures are the ones that mean the most.

Huh, as I read this I have to wonder…maybe us romance novelists got it right, eh?