Oklahoma is a bi-polar state

At least when it comes to weather (TOTALLY stole this from my next-door-neighbor Abby, BTW). You want proof? Today we broke the century mark…while it was raining. I shit you not. So far, up here in Northern Oklahoma, we’ve busted the century mark 52 times this year, and broken 34 records. IT. IS. THE. 6TH. OF. AUGUST.

Bi-polar indeed!

A weather observation…

What does it mean when you walk outside and say “oh, it’s not so bad today!”…then look at the thermometer and realize it’s already 98 degrees…

Merry Christmas, all!

Just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas to all…we got 5 inches of snow yesterday in northern Oklahoma, which was fab for my mother in law (here from San Diego)…she’d never seen snow falling before!