lifestyle changes; quitting smoking; exercising

Lifestyle Goals…


It’s been a month since the hubster and I decided on a total lifestyle change and quit worshipping the almighty tobacco.  He’s got a few weeks on me *g*, but all in all, we’ve suffered through the withdrawal symptoms together and come out stronger because of it.  Since we broke a MASSIVE habit, I decided to cut myself a little slack for awhile, but now it’s time to get back in the saddle and continue the good things I’m doing for my health.  Weighing in isn’t going to be so much of a priority for me, but rather getting myself back on the exercise horse, in addition to making sure I’m eating right.  Calorie counting and obsessive weight-watching can come later…say in May *g*.


These are goals I’m going to try and stick to through the month of March, then I’ll reassess and ramp up each goal a smidge and see if I want to add anything else.


On that note, I’m going to use Fridays as kind of a yardstick on how I’m doing to that end…  Soooo, first up is:


Walk at least three days a week—I figure by starting out lower, I’m more likely to actually do it, and maybe more

            Crunches four days a week—these are soooo easy to do when I get up in the morning, but it’s amazing how often I talk myself out of it

            60 ounces of water a day—this one should be reasonably easy to keep, since I drink a lot of water already, but I’m more interested in making sure I do it consistently


I actually started this whole gig this last week (2 March), so here’s my progress:


Monday:  crunches, 30 minutes walking (1.5% incline x 3.5 mph), 64 oz water

Tuesday:  crunches, 30 minutes walking (2% incline x 3.5 mph), 74 oz water

Wednesday: crunches, no workout, 70 oz water, afternoon minor surgery (nothing big, but will preclude workouts until next week)

Thursday:  80 oz water


As you can see, I hit a bit of a snag on Wednesday afternoon by having a minor surgery procedure that precludes me sweating a ton.  Nothing major, just enough to keep me off the treadmill/street, at least until Monday.