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The Sweetest Thing, Jill Shalvis

I was having a really crappy week last week, and when I looked at the TBR pile for a Calgon moment, I saw Jill’s book calling to me. And as always, she made me laugh, she made me hot, and dammit, she made me cry at the end.  As with all of her books, she inserts heroes and heroines we can identify with and root for, even if we could never imagine being in their shoes ourselves.

In this installment of the Lucky Harbor series, we get to figure out exactly what’s up with Tara and Ford.  I mean, c’mon!  We knew, from Simply Irresistible, that they had a past, and pretty much figured out most of it, but oh honey, getting to see it all hashed out in The Sweetest Thing was a TON of fun!  I won’t recap the plotline, you can see that anywhere on Amazon or Goodreads.  Instead, I’ll tell you what worked for me.  In a word, the hero and heroine.  I LOVED the fact that Tara was trying to find herself, and neither Ford nor Logan are going to sway her from that goal.  Tho they tried like hell.  And as for Ford… wow.  Just wow.  What a fabulous hero.  He knows he’s not a “keeper” but dammit if deep down he doesn’t want to be, but only for Tara.

So my recommendation?  If you want a keeper shelf book that’ll make you giggle, blush like a schoolgirl and then bawl like one as well, then pick this bad boy up!  Can’t WAIT for Head Over Heels in November!