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Guest Blog Goodness–KT Black

Please welcome KT Black to the blog!!

Most writers I’ve known say that writing is invigorating, while some say that it’s their therapy. How does your writing serve you? Do you express your life through the story or does the theme come from your vision?

Writing doesn’t feel like a choice to me. It’s something I have to do. My imagination is always turned on. When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about what I could be writing. I love it. It’s the one thing that’s always made me happy.

When I fall into that perfect zone where the real world slips away, and my characters become real and speak to me, I enter this state of Zen where my writing is almost effortless. Not perfect, but a place where I let go and get out of my head.

It’s also therapeutic because I’m a bit introverted. Writing gives me a voice I don’t often have in real life. I can say things that I wish I would have, or needed to say without any repercussions. I think that’s why I have so much fun writing my antagonists.

Who or what inspired you to write? When I was four years old, I used to pretend I was writing books, I’m not certain why. It was years later, after reading the novel Rebecca when I was twelve that I became determined to make writing my profession. I got sidetracked a little bit along the way, but continued to write stories. I just never sent them out to anyone. Recently, I decided it was time to put the fear aside, take a chance and share my stories with the world.

What are your five “desert island” books? Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (mystery/thriller/romance), Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic (witchy metaphysical), Janet Evanovich’s Four to Score (for sexy laughs), Stephen Donaldson’s Mirror of Her Dreams (science fiction/fantasy), and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (because I’ll always be a kid at heart).

Have you done all the things in your book with your partner? That’s what I want to know 🙂 My couple is in a lesbian relationship, and I’m not a lesbian, so no, not exactly. Certain things I keep just between me and who I’m seeing. I don’t share it in my writing.

What advice would you give a new author? Don’t give up. If writing is your passion, don’t let fear or other people talk you out of doing it. Rejection sucks, but when someone finally tells you yes, it makes it all worth it.

Amazon Author Page:


Imagine Cinderella falling for the seductive charms of the Evil Queen. Wicked Magic is a modern retelling of an old favorite.

Magic is in the air after Chandler Gray silently wishes for her predictable work-filled life to change. When a mysterious woman, fascinated with beautiful images, moves in next door, Chandler finds herself falling under the spell of the last person she expects to make her happy. There’s just one problem:  an ex-girlfriend with a grudge and the power to curse her happiness.


Chandler rushed over to the other yard and said, “Here, let me help you.” She hunched down and began to round up the spilled items. Once everything was back in the sack, she gathered up the bag and stood.

When the woman noticed Chandler, her lips turned upward into a broad, friendly smile. “Thanks.”

“Not a problem,” she replied, feeling a bit awestruck. Before her stood a very beautiful raven-haired woman with hypnotic brown eyes and full red lips. As they stood next to one another, Chandler noticed the woman was taller than her by a few inches, and possessed a keen fashion sense. She was dressed in a light-colored tunic over a pair of skin-tight dark denim capris. On her feet she wore flat-heeled sandals that matched the color of her top. From the dark purple polish on her toenails to her make-up and hair, she looked flawless.

“Hello. I’m your new neighbor, Alexandra Doherty.” She held out her free hand, which Chandler accepted. “Everyone calls me Alex. You may as well, if you like.”

Chandler stared at her, feeling like a tongue-tied idiot, unable to respond. When she managed to make her mouth work, her face burned as her shyness overwhelmed her. “Um, I’m Chandler. Chandler Gray.”

Alex appeared intrigued. “Very nice to meet you, Chandler.” She peered into her eyes for a minute or two before her gaze drifted downward. She took her time, making it seem obvious as she took in Chandler’s body.

Her boldness surprised Chandler, but she found herself unable to move. When Alex shifted her focus to their joined hands, Chandler felt her stomach flip. A mischievous expression filled Alex’s face as she looked back up into Chandler’s eyes.

Chandler remained frozen in place until she felt the soft caress of Alex’s thumb on the back of her hand. Experiencing the initial stirrings of arousal, Chandler panicked and let go of Alex’s hand as she took a step backward.

Feeling embarrassed and a bit perplexed, Chandler shuffled from foot to foot, but couldn’t seem to look away from Alex. It was as if the woman had some unseen power over her.