Ghost Rider

Movie/Music Monday…Ghost Rider (2007)

Ghost Rider (2007)… As a huge Nic Cage and Sam Elliott fan, I was really looking forward to catching this movie.  Alas, this flick never quite reached the level it could have.  For starters, the beginning was entirely too long and drawn out.  Yeah, I realize we have to get to know the character to understand his motivations, but for it to stretch out over an hour was just too long.  I realize this is a classic graphic novel, so the character development is told through action (just like in a screenplay/movie), but it just wasn’t fleshed out enough, despite the long opening, for me to be truly drawn into the action.  The same goes for the villains…they were supposed to represent elementals, but that power and their prospective abuse of it was never fully drawn out.  Additionally, when the action did kick in, it was too dark (literally) for me to follow.  While I was interested enough in this to watch through to the end, when the 97 minutes were over, I found it to be ultimately forgettable, which is just too bad, given Cage and Elliott’s considerable talent.