Family Guy

M/M Monday…Family Guy

 Well, it’s glorious Monday (blech) and time for a media-type review.  I thought I’d talk about another of my guilty pleasures… Family Guy.  Yes, I know it’s crass, over the top and pretty much vulgar as hell, but even as I cringe I laugh.  Kind of like BASEketball.  You laugh because you’re so horrified J.

With Family Guy, my fascination is with Brian and Stewie.  I could pretty much do without the rest of the family…to me they’re the background for the main event.  Hell, to me the wheelchair-bound cop, Joe (voiced to perfection by Patrick Wharburton) is more interesting than the rest of the Griffin family.  Same with Cleveland (the slow talking token black guy who used to be an auctioneer) and Quagmire (the so-over-the-top Don Juan it’s tragic). 

Okay, back to Brian and Stewie.  What other show could feature a martini-swilling dog and an acerbic, British-accented baby, and get away with it?  If you visit the site ( you can watch clips, and one of the absolute funniest is their send-up of Al Qaeda.  Seriously funny stuff (if you’re as twisted as I am, that is).  Nothing is sacred with this show, so like I said, you cringe even as you laugh.

If you haven’t watched Family Guy yet but want to, just make sure you check your moral compass at the door and get ready to laugh-and then glance over your shoulder to make sure no one saw you do it!