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Media Monday…Eureka

I’m not obsessive about too many TV shows. Right now it’s all Bones and Eureka for me, though I am dying to see where Warehouse 13 goes in July.  Netflix is releasing Season 4 of Eureka on 11 July, so of course I had to catch up on all of them, right?? LOL.

This is a fun series to watch, mostly for the lead character, Jack Carter and his dealings with the brainiacs inhabiting Eureka.  I love how he, the dumb guy in the crowd, invariably saves the world.  In the earlier seasons, Zoe was a bit predictable as the rebellious teenager, but I found myself really liking her as she grew up, so I guess the writers did it right!  I’m torn on Alison’s character.  I know Jack is over the moon for her, but I just don’t think she deserves him.  It’s not that I don’t like her or anything, it just makes me crazy that she can’t see Jack.  Joe Morton is FABULOUS as Henry.  I would call him the town’s moral compass, but if you’ve watched into season 2, you’ll understand why he’s not, but you still love him anyway.  And Stark?  I hate the smarmy bastard just as much as Jack does. Excellent supporting cast members round it out, to include Jo, Jack’s deputy, Taggart (played by Matt Frewer of Max Headroom infamy), Chef Vincent, and who could forget Fargo?

If you haven’t caught this show yet and like something that’ll make you think, but is still reasonably mainstream, I’d really suggest grabbing the first season and trying it on for size!