Drea Stein

TABT…The Ivy House, by Drea Stein

Yes, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a book review, but I’ve decided I’m gonna give it the old New Year’s try.

I have a SERIOUS weak spot for well-written contemporaries.  I got The Ivy House when it was free on Kindle, and it took me forever to get to because my TBR pile is ridiculous (another 2015 ‘thing to do’…I refuse to call them resolutions–LOL).  So here’s the disclaimer that I’ll post with every review…I only post 4 or 5 star/heart/whatever reviews.  Why?  Because more than once I’ve seen glowing reviews on books that were complete and utter wallbangers for me. Different people like different stuff 🙂  Not only that, as an author myself, I tend to be hypercritical, and that’s not fair to other readers OR the author if I’m being fussy.  Sooooo, only 4 and 5 star reviews from me.

Without further ado…



The Ivy House is actually the third book in the series (I didn’t know that when I downloaded it), but I had absolutely NO problem in following the storyline, or even the integration of other characters/couples (who were in previous books). In fact, this has to be one of the smoothest series books I’ve read, when it comes to “getting it” without undue brain pain.

Phoebe (the heroine) is the kind of lead I love to read about. Strong, but not overly stubborn (to merely advance the plot), vulnerable, and not afraid to admit that she thinks the guy driving her absolutely nuts is hot as hell.  Chase (the hero) was interesting to me, because he was almost too perfect, too charming–until he realizes that he’s almost blown it all.  The funny part was, because his build-up was so consistent throughout the book, it was that much more heartwarming when he realized what he would be missing. Both Phoebe and Chase had to make sacrifices to be with the other, but none of them felt contrary to their characters.  The setting was gorgeous and Ivy House a character in its own right.  Add in some hot celebrity gossip/juicy past loves and you’ve got a winning combination that’s hard to put down.  Can’t wait to dive into the first book in the series to see what I missed.