deadly fear; cynthia eden; book review

TABT…Deadly Fear, Cynthia Eden

A very, very strong entry into the romantic suspense field, and believe you me, I’m picky as hell.  To the point I put an entire series in the outgoing pile after not being able to connect to the first book. But not this book, thank goodness!

Monica Davenport and Luke Dante have a past…and now they’re teaming up to hunt down a serial killer.  Little do they know it’s about to get VERY personal, both on the killing front and in the bedroom!  I really, really liked Monica’s character.  She earned her nickname of “Ice” but wasn’t overly proud of it, which made her a really sympathetic character.  Luke was also fabulous as an agent who can get inside the head of the victim, while Monica does the opposite, and hones in on the killer.  It makes for a perfect partnership that’s almost destroyed when the killer gets too close.

As a series, it’s reminiscent of Kylie Brant’s Mindhunter books, but has enough distinctiveness of its own to make me pick up the second book in the series! Well done, Ms. Eden!