book review; tangled threads; jennifer estep

TABT–Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin Book 4), Jennifer Estep

Yet another great installment to Estep’s continuing series.  While this could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend picking up the previous books, because they’re all fabulous in their own right, and you’d be missing out on something special by starting with this book.

Throughout this series we’ve watched Gin grow from The Spider, an assassin motivated purely by money and by her handler’s instructions, to a rounded woman who, while on a purely selfish mission to exact revenge, still manages to retain her humanity by being who she really is–a woman who cares.  Her Robin Hood motivations even out what could have been a too-harsh character.

Secondary characters are well drawn as well, but not as prevalent as they have been in past books.  This is certainly Gin’s book, and I got more than a little misty as the last few pages unfolded.  The overarching storyline continues on at a brisk pace, and I can’t wait to see where the next book goes!!