Book review; Jill Shalvis; Simply Irresistible; Lucky Harbor Trilogy

TABT…Simply Irresistible, Jill Shalvis

Thought I’d jump into a new/old format a bit before the New Year. I’m gonna begin reviewing again, but only the books I enjoy, just ’cause what torpedoes my rowboat might leave yours alone!

I was feeling a bit punky yesterday and today, so settled in with a book I’d been saving for just such a day, Jill Shalvis’ Simply Irresistible. To start with, 99.9% of the time I find Jill’s writing to be purty darn close to irresistible, and this was no exception. This is the beginning of a new trilogy called “Lucky Harbor” and introduces us to Phoebe Traeger’s three estranged daughters, all brought together on the occasion of her death to renovate or sell the beaten-up Lucky Harbor Resort. This is Maddie and Jax’s story, and we know, almost from page one, that it’s gonna be an explosive courtship.  There’s nothing I like better than learning to like and enjoy a character as the story unfolds, and Shalvis is brilliant at that.  Maddie is flawed as hell, but she’s also funny, brave and intelligent, and those are the things Jax is drawn to from the start.  As for Jax, what woman wouldn’t want a man like him?  Hunky, smart & kind…oh,and looks hella good in jeans and a toolbelt.  Sigh.

The introduction of sisters Tara and Chloe is also flawless…we learn about them as we need to, as they become real people with real pasts and fears.  At the end of this book Chloe is still a bit of an enigma, but the lead in to the next book (Tara & Ford’s) made me all growly when I realized I’d have to wait until April to read it.  No fair!

If you want something that’ll make you smile like a dreamer, giggle like a schoolgirl and maybe tear up just the tiniest bit, then go grab this one, you won’t be disappointed!