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Media Monday–El Camino by The Black Keys

Y0u know, I didn’t realize I’d been listening to the Black Keys for years, probably because their style (if something so unique can be called a style) is a mish-mash of my favorite types of music.  Seriously, you’ve got the blues, punk, good clean rock and roll and a bit of grunge thrown in.  Huh.  I heard Lonely Boy on the radio with about a gazillion other folks and was immediately drawn in by it, so I popped on iTunes to see what else they had to offer.  Imagine my surprise when I knew a bunch of their songs (probably from our satellite radio on the tube).  So I downloaded El Camino, and if anything, the rest of the album is better than the singles everyone is hearing (Lonely Boy and  Gold on the Ceiling).  In particular, I loved the retro sixties sound of Stop Stop; the rocking second half of Little Black Submarines was a happy surprise; and the almost beachy beat of Money Maker just makes me smile.

This album is well worth the $10.99 iTunes is charging…it’ll give you hours of enjoyment.

(and if you haven’t seen the video for Lonely Boy, check it out here  Bet you can’t hold back a grin!!)