agent update

The Joys of Spring Break and a friend’s news!!

So one of my bestest writing buds has great news!!  Rinda got an agent (and a freakin’ wicked awesome one at that)!!  Yeah, Rinda!!

On my end, I took Wednesday and Thursday off to sit down and polish View to a Kill one last time before I sent it in on request to Harlequin and an agent.  I’m almost done now, and in the process, have lengthened it by almost 3,000 words…obviously I needed the distance since it was written *g*!

One thing I discovered in last week’s mini-con is that the old word count rules have been tossed, at least in some cases…you know the ones I’m talking about…25 lines per page, double spaced, Courier.  Now the 25 lines per page and the double spacing are still there, but not so much on the font.  Both the ladies I spoke with are all about using Times New Roman, which significantly decreases your “word count” when it comes to computing it in that method… OR, they said to just use the actual word count function in Word…

By that I mean that View, using the old way, stood at 88K.  Now it’s significantly less using TNR (I haven’t computed it recently, and won’t until I’m done), but the computer count is at 87K, and the “old” way is at 95K…dontcha just love the vagarities of this biz *g*???

Well, now I’m off to work (blech), but if it’s as dead as I expect, then I’ll work a half-day, come back and play with the hubby in the back yard getting ready for the real arrival of spring…today it’s supposed to be gorgeous, and the tomorrow, typical Oklahoma weather slinks in…rain.  Sigh…

Have a happy Easter, y’all!!

Word Count Update & the ongoing agent hunt

 I only got 2,000 words written this week, but I was down with the crap going around.  Feeling much better now, though, and got all of those 2K written over the weekend.  I also did a bit of plotting (which is a total anathema for me), which will help me wrap up the last 20K pretty quickly.  Right now, though, I’m a bit torn.  While this is a suspense novel (category length), I’m finding a bit of my Keira spiciness dying to come through.  So I have to wonder if maybe I shouldn’t go back and give in to that urge, an make it a Blaze contender, rather than a Harlequin Intrigue.  I’ve gotta figure that out soon, because I’m at the point where it would make a difference.  By that, I mean I could go back and heat things up pretty easily with the existing material, but from this point on, if I make it a Blaze, the sex needs to be ramped up pretty significantly.  I’ll see where the writing takes me this week, and figure it out from there.

On the agent front, still searching, with five queries outstanding.  As I’ve said before, I have serious faith in my story…I think it’s one of the best books I’ve written, and the series has tremendous potential.  But it’s probably a chancy bet for an agent.  My heroine is very vulnerable, which she hides behind a smart mouth.  She’s flawed and a lot like the people I run into every day…with the exception of the fact she sees a different dimension.  And the kicker…it’s told in first-person, which can be a turn-off to some folks, since you never gets into the hero’s head.  I think I did a good job of showing the hero, but time will only tell.  There’s an agent out there for this book and my subsequent work, I just have to be patient and find them!

Kicking out the words…

 Well, since Sunday, I’ve written over 4,000 words on Duck and Run, so this makes me very happy.  Maybe because I set my goals a little lower, I wasn’t as intimidated by them.  Plus, they were “good” words, words that moved the plot forward, and made the hero and heroine come together and then separate again, at least emotionally.  Now I’ve got them stuck in the equivalent of a safe house, and am gonna bring the bad guys to them.  On a happy note, the line I’m targeting this to (Harlequin Intrigue or Silhouette Romantic Suspense) has a shorter word count than I’d originally thought (55-60K).  I was shooting for 70-80K, and was wondering what kind of secondary storyline I was going to have to incorporate to bring it up to that count.  Now, however, I can easily see this story settling nicely into that count.

On the agent front, I still have 4 out, and have a few new leads that I’ll probably send something out to in the next few weeks.

To be honest, I’m now hip deep into D&R and really liking writing it, so I’d like to finish that before I start on Live and Let Die.  If nothing else, I’ll keep pitching View to a Kill and the whole Talented series, even if I have to write the whole blasted series before I collar an agent.

I know that may sound a bit fatalistic, but I’ve been told by editors that I tend to write ahead of the curve, so if nothing else, I’ll have a body of work ready to rock and roll with. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself *G*.

Checking in, word count and agent update…

 Sorry about the absence yesterday.  WordPress wasn’t letting me in at 6 am, and I had to head to the dreaded day job shortly thereafter.  This morning however, is a whole ‘nother story!!

In rockin’ great news I’m jamming on Duck and Run…in the last week I wrote 4.5K and got past the part that was stalling me by putting in an action/danger scene as well as a torrid kiss that really moves the plot forward.  My goal is to pump out at least 1K per day (getting back to my original daily goal), if not more, so I can get the first draft finished and into critiques pronto.

In the agent hunt, I’m still on the search…I’ve got it out to five agents now, and am pitching to an agent and editor in March at my local chapter’s mini-conference.  I figured I’d pitch View to the agent and Duck and Run to the editor.  Even if that doesn’t pan out, I want to have both ready to rock for the conference in San Francisco in July.