2013 goals

Goals Update…

TreadmillSo March was a meh month for me when it came to meeting my goals.  I think it was the pre-springtime blahs, or maybe it’s because we had a ton of personal stuff (all good) going on.  Anyway, here’s this month’s progress.

Jan Feb Mar
Lose 13 pounds (total lost to date) 3/13 7/13 7/13
Drink 90 oz of water a day, a minimum of 13 days a month 13 6 5
Walk 13 miles/week 14.35 11.4 11.9
Blog 13 times/month 8 6 3
Write 1300 words/day at least 13 days/month 0 1K/16.9K 2K/16.9K
Review 13  books 2/13 3/13 3/13
Read 13 reference books 0 0 0
Watch 13 movies I keep putting off (and review them) 1/13 0 0
Find at least 13 new music artists 0 0 0
Wine Reviews 1/13 0 0
Log foods 13 times/month 28 28 0
Find 2 other things I’d like to do…      

When it comes to blogging, I’ve been doing this blog for a long, long time, and honestly don’t want to blog just to blog, so from now on, it’ll be for any kind of writing announcements, guest bloggers, any book reviews I decide to do (especially now that Amazon has hoovered up Goodreads, and I won’t be able to post there), and stuff like that.

The writerly stuff will also include things like contest announcements (which I’ll be starting up again with the release of my latest book in July), so stay tuned!

Workout progress and all manner of good things…

I’ve been kicking ass on the workout front…five days a week on the treadmill, and outside exercise when it’s not stupid frosty.  So (cross fingers), I can totally see myself hitting my 13 miles per week by the end of the month.  Been doing okay on the rest of my goals as well.  To be honest, I wanted to make the exercise and water portions a habit before I started to go balls to the wall on the rest of my goals, so I’m willing to accept a few areas where I’m not meeting them in order to make all of them my new reality by the end of the year.

How are you doing on your goals?