Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday — Meet Trini from my Work in Progress

So now that I’ve finished up Shoot to Thrill, I’m working on something totally different–a paranormal Keira (erotic) story.  Hope you enjoy!


Every ounce of Trini Alvarado’s concentration centered on the man who slid quietly into a corner and was watching the frenzied partygoers around her with barely disguised hunger.

Yeah, he was the reason she was here, but dammit, she’d really hoped for a night off.  Incubi were notorious for their…appetites, and usually reasonably harmless, but lately there’d been a disturbing upswing in violence related to their feeding.  Disturbing enough for the State Department to send their pet DMR agent out for a look-see on this chilly spring San Francisco night.

Of the demons who had emerged into Germany during World War II, Incubi were definitely the least of the world government’s worries…or at least they had been until now.

She sighed and started working her way toward him, glad to be out in the field again, even if it was for something this boring.

Six Sentence Sunday — Wolf in the Hand

Since I just finished Shoot to Thrill, here’s the next novella on my schedule (it’ll be a Keira book).  The tenative title is Wolf in the Hand.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Lily Tremaine slid through the forest, missing the comforting weight of her Beretta at her hip.  Her quarry, her new reason for living, lay just ahead.  She just had to get close enough to Carter to slit his vicious throat—then at least the murder charge hanging over her head would mean something.  Not that she’d live past the fatal swipe.  His minions would make sure she was dead before his body even hit the ground.  Which was all right with her–his death was the only thing she had to live for anymore.

Six Sentence Sunday — Intro to Gavin, Gardens of Stone

So this is yet another of my Works in Progress.  I’d forgotten how much fun Gavin was until I re-read this!  Hope you enjoy…


Gavin pressed a splayed palm against his wounded shoulder and gritted his teeth.  This was not how he’d expected to be animated from his prison of stone.

The vandal who’d fainted as soon as he’d become skin and bone—and a griffin at that—laid at this feet.  He’d shifted just seconds after the reanimation, but his defacer was already out cold.

He glanced left, then right, nothing catching his preternatural senses.  The human who’d known the exact words to say, in the exact ancient dialect and accent, was alone.

Six Sentence Sunday–Bill’s first look at Arden in The Summerland

This is from my first book, waaaaaaay back in the day, and is where the hero first sees the heroine.  Hope you enjoy!

He took his first look at Arden Jones and knew he was in a heap of trouble. She was striking–not beautiful in any conventional sense, but she had a presence about her that you recognized from the get-go and wore like a shield. Her long, lean body fairly screamed tension, and he could almost feel it radiating off her in waves. Ash blonde hair was swept up in a ruthless military-style twist, and even though she wasn’t in uniform, Bill doubted anyone would mistake her for anything but a take-charge person. What makeup she did have on was tasteful and discreet and the navy blue suit she wore radiated quiet authority and a no-shit attitude. The only thing that saved her from looking like a full-on bitch was the genuine distress in and around her changeable hazel eyes and full, bottom-heavy mouth.

Six Sentence Sunday — unnamed WiP

Here’s a little bit of something I’ve been working on.  It’ll be the next one up in my writing queue, once Shoot to Thrill is done.  Hope you enjoy!


She looked out over what had once been a thriving city, unable to believe the destruction below.  It unfolded before her eyes, a war-ravaged landscape no longer peopled by the beautiful, the affluent.  Now Los Angeleslay in ruins, the dregs of society living off the remnants of civilization, one scanty meal to the next.

Peri Johnson stood on what had been the mountain overlooking the Hollywood sign, not quite believing this was the teeming city she’d left only five years before.  The sun reflecting off her aviator’s Ray Bans and the trim, expensive cut of her blue flight suit seemed to mock the devastation and poverty laid out before her.  Shaking her head slowly, she tried to take it all in, absorb the impact, but her eyes kept straying, almost as if ordered, to the crooked “D” seventy-five feet below.


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Meet Brian and Sara from Behind Blue Eyes (Six Sentence Sunday)

This is kinda fun!  This time around, I pulled something from my latest book (Behind Blue Eyes) with Samhain. Hope you enjoy!

He wanted answers, but I could guarantee he wouldn’t believe the ones I gave him. Because they only raised more questions, and because, in my experience, cops didn’t buy what they couldn’t see, smell or touch, especially a Null.

I watched him walk away with a long, loping stride that ate up the asphalt, and admired the way his butt moved beneath the fabric of his slacks. He may have been a confrontational prick, but he had a fine body.

I sighed in appreciation and a little bit of loneliness I quickly smashed to bits in my psyche.

Looked like it was another night with my boyfriend-in-a-box, Jon (as in Bon Jovi).

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