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Eats in Mariposa, CA, Day 2

Sorry for the break in the action, been working on promo for Shoot to Thrill’s¬†release on 31 December ūüôā

So here’s a recap of our dining experience in our recent vacation… Just as a reminder,¬†August and I follow the Primal Lifestyle (no grains, no rice, no potatoes, etc. Basically it’s a hugely limited carb thing).

We started our second evening by having a glass of most excellent Hovey Chardonnay at The Alley, then moved on to a favorite place of ours, Savoury’s. ¬†It’s always a bit amusing for me to eat there, because what is now a very nice higher-end restaurant used to be the Rexall Drug Store. ¬†In fact, as we sat there with our pre-dinner cocktails (a cosmo for me, a martini for August), I showed August where our druggist (Leroy Radonovich, who runs a winery in town) used to stand and hand out meds for my entire childhood.

But now it obviously looks nothing like it did :). ¬†We enjoyed an appetizer of the Veggie Stacked Portobello and the Seared Ahi with Olive Tapenade. ¬†YUM!, then I had the Diablo Shrimp Skewers, and August had the Surf & Turf. ¬†All of it was fabulous, and paired with a really nice zin (can’t remember the vintner). ¬†Since we’re not dessert peeps, instead we had a nice after dinner drink and just enjoyed.

One of the things that’s always fun to do in a community that’s geared toward tourism is to just chill and watch everyone around you. ¬†In Mariposa, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you’re guaranteed to hear a wide range of accents and truly interesting conversations. ¬†In a place like Savoury’s it’s doubly pleasurable, because the wait staff is so unobtrusive. ¬†They keep a serious eye on their tables, and seem to materialize right when you need them, but not before.

As for pricing, it was actually pretty close to what we paid at the Gold Coin, so definitely not hitting fast food :), but not breaking the bank either, especially if it’s something you’re doing as part of vacation fun or a special event.

This is a regular stop for us when we go home, and I can’t recommend it enough!




Eats in Mariposa, CA, Day 1

We visited my hometown of Mariposa, CA a few weeks ago, and in addition to having a FAB time with my family, we also got to eat some pretty darn good vittles. So I thought I’d recap over the next few weeks, in case anyone is ever in that neck of the woods.

The first thing to understand about August and I is that we follow the Primal Lifestyle. Which means no grains, no rice, no potatoes, etc. Basically it’s a hugely limited carb thing. Which makes dining out interesting ūüôā

We hit Bett’s Gold Coin our first full night in town. ¬†When I was a kid, the Gold Coin was a bar that was closed more often than not, and when it was open, there was usually a pretty heavy police presence there. ¬†So imagine my surprise when we got a look a the menu and realized we might have stumbled on something. ¬†The service was great, the ambiance kind of a mix of fun bar/old west saloon. ¬†We ordered a cocktail beforehand, and each of ours was excellent, then each had a glass of Ravenswood Merlot with dinner. ¬†I had the Calistoga Hamburger Steak (freakin’ fantastic) and August had the Rib Eye (which was also terrific). ¬†Our waitress (who was also the bartender) didn’t bat an eye when we asked for double the veggies instead of ‘taters, and I have to say, the carrots were scrumptious.

The price was on par with the food, so not McDonalds :), but not anniversary-dinner-extravagance either.

Overall, I’d highly recommend checking it out. ¬†If we were able to get such an excellent meal with our special requests, ordering off the regular menu is sure to be a treat.