TABT, Blood Hunt (Sentinel Wars series), Shannon K. Butcher

This is the fifth book in the Sentinel Wars series, and I HIGHLY recommend the previous books be read first to get the full effect/history, since it’s a very complicated urban fantasy world.

I think the main thing that keeps me coming back to this series, Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series and Jessica Anderson’s Nightkeepers books is the fact that while there is an overarching storyline that influences everything, each of the books focus on one romance and follow it to it’s Happily Ever After.  I’ve pretty much given up on continuous storylines that feature the same heroine/hero because after about the 4th book I just can keep interest (with the exception of Jennifer Estep’s Gin Blanco series).

This was a great addition to the Sentinel Wars mythos, this time exploring the blood-drinking Sanguinar Logan and introducing us to Hope, a woman with out a past who touches Logan in a way no one ever has…but is forbidden to him.  As I read this, I have to admit, I didn’t see any way they could get their HEA, but was I ever happily surprised!  Both characters are wonderfully tortured, but not so much that I, as a reader, couldn’t identify with them.  Additionally, the storyline is continued, maybe through more ancillary characters’ POV than I’d prefer, but it was well done.

This one is well worth picking up, and I can’t wait until the next one comes out!!!

TABT–Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin Book 4), Jennifer Estep

Yet another great installment to Estep’s continuing series.  While this could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend picking up the previous books, because they’re all fabulous in their own right, and you’d be missing out on something special by starting with this book.

Throughout this series we’ve watched Gin grow from The Spider, an assassin motivated purely by money and by her handler’s instructions, to a rounded woman who, while on a purely selfish mission to exact revenge, still manages to retain her humanity by being who she really is–a woman who cares.  Her Robin Hood motivations even out what could have been a too-harsh character.

Secondary characters are well drawn as well, but not as prevalent as they have been in past books.  This is certainly Gin’s book, and I got more than a little misty as the last few pages unfolded.  The overarching storyline continues on at a brisk pace, and I can’t wait to see where the next book goes!!

Media Monday–The King’s Speech

Getting back to the basics again, pretty much across the board (entertainment, writing, etc).  Part of that was going back to our semi-scheduled movie night, and this time around we chose The King’s Speech.

SO glad we did!  This movie was fantastic from start to finish. Colin Firth was brilliant as “Bertie”, as was Geoffrey Rush as Lionel.  I think what I enjoyed the most was watching history unfold as Bertie went from being the son who would never ascend to the throne to King George the VI.  Yes, I realize they tweaked the script to accomodate length, but they did it skillfully, and without directorial intrusion (with the puzzling exception of the reimagination of Churchill’s alliances).  Helena Bonham Carter was great as the Duchess of York/Queen Elizabeth I, even though her role was hugely understated.

The psychology behind the King’s stammering was subtly done, and made it interesting rather than a “profile”, and Lincoln’s use of nonconventional tools ranged from outright hysterical (the cursing) to blasphemous (sitting in King Edward’s Chair in Westminster Abbey).

In the end, this is something I would wholly recommend.  The time absolutely flew by and it’s a movie I’ll probably watch again.

Media Monday…In Plain Sight

Am blazing through In Plain Sight, and am liking it lots.  Yeah, there are some trite moments, but on the whole I’m very much enjoying it.  It gets much better as the first season progresses, as they characters settle into their skin a bit better.  It took me awhile to warm up to Mary, but now I like her, messed-up personality and all.  And at first I was kinda annoyed by Marshall (ha ha…US Marshal Marshall Mann) but again, as the first few episodes came to a close, I found myself digging him and all of his encyclopedic knowledge, and his laconic delivery of it.

If you have Netflix, I’d wholeheartedly recommend picking it up and giving it a try…just work through the first few episodes first!

Fingers on keyboard…

I sent my draft of Shoot to Thrill to Thrill to the bestest critque partner ever (props to PG Forte) to eyeball before I cranked out the last few chapters.  Oh, indecision, thy name is Terri!!!  LOL!

In the meantime, however, I cranked out 500 words on a novella idea I’m playing with.  Forgot how much fun it is to play with something new!

Home, sweet home!

We’re back, after our whirlwind tour of California.  Flew into Vegas, then drove to San Diego.  While we were there we had great catch-up time with the fam and got to do lots of fun stuff.  It was  VERY cool.  Then we drove up to Mariposa and spent time with my Mom.  Had lunch at the Ahwahnee (always have to revisit my old stomping grounds) and I still recognized 7 waiters!  That was a bit surprising to me, since it’s been 20 years since I’ve left, but it IS a great place to work…  Also had dinner at a new place for me called Savoury’s.  Quite possibly one of the best restaurant meals I’ve ever had (and that’s saying something, since I’m kind of a foodie), so if you’re ever in that area, I can’t recommend it enough.

Didn’t do much on the writing front but recharge.  Heck, I didn’t even read (gasp) except on the plane!  I did, however, get some quality time with my legal pad and worked my way through a problem I wrote myself into that I keep *thinking* I’ve fixed.

Back to work tomorrow (where I undoubtedly have over 1000 e-mails…sigh).  Hoping to start writing again either this week or next week.

On the road again…

Leaving cooooool San Diego today after almost a week to head north to see my Mom. Been hugely relaxing and tiring at the same time…we had events in La Jolla, Huntington Beach, Julian and Coronado over 5 days. Whew!

Mariposa here we come!

TABT…Song of Scarabeus

Finished this one over the weekend and really, really liked it!  Creasy has created a descriptive, vivid universe that pits the huge, unscrupulous Crib against the hardscrabble Fringers and those caught in between.  This book deals mostly with Edie, a child who’s been brought up utilize her special skills to ‘talk’ to both the bio and tech sides of terraforming and Finn, a slave forced to act as her bodyguard.  The story centers around Edie’s kidnapping by pirates, and their “mission” to recover very expensive hardware from the very first planet she helped terraform (note…this is hugely, dramatically oversimplified).

Creasey has done a fabulous job not only in universe building, but in giving us real, three-dimensional characters that we can really get behind.  From Edie and Finn’s developing relationship to the secondary characters on board the Hoi Polloi and from her past, this is an exceedingly well-drawn sci-fi story, very light on the romance (so don’t go in expecting that).

All in all, a great read, and I can’t wait to see where the next book takes us!

Media Monday…Castle

I picked this one up as one of the DVD options from my Netflix account (would have preferred it to be streaming, but oh well).  I fully expected to love this show for three reasons.  First, Nathan Fillion.  Second, the baseline story sounded cute.  Third, Nathan Fillion.

Unfortunately, even Captain Mal couldn’t make this a winner for me.  I think it was actually the way the heroine’s character was written that made me “bleh” more than anything.  I guess I just never saw the chemistry even begin to bloom between Rick and Kate, even on a platonic basis.  Yeah, I’m basing my “what this should look/feel like” on Bones, but still.

So, should I give it another chance?  If it’d been available streaming, I’d continue to give it a try, but since I have to wait for the DVD, and it’s hoovering up another of my choices, not so much.

Oklahoma is a bi-polar state

At least when it comes to weather (TOTALLY stole this from my next-door-neighbor Abby, BTW). You want proof? Today we broke the century mark…while it was raining. I shit you not. So far, up here in Northern Oklahoma, we’ve busted the century mark 52 times this year, and broken 34 records. IT. IS. THE. 6TH. OF. AUGUST.

Bi-polar indeed!