Shoot to Thrill excerpt and cover goodness

Greetings all!  So, I just put Shoot to Thrill up for pre-order, so if you’re of a mind to, check it out:



Just to tease :), here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1


I stepped out of my SUV and straightened the pencil skirt and trim jacket I’d donned in deference to my cover.  In six years with the Bureau, I’d never worn such a ridiculous costume.  My duties, even when I’d been a forensic accounting cube monkey, tended more toward slacks and flats or Rockports, not the pastel pink nightmare I sported nor the ridiculous strappy stilts masquerading as shoes I teetered on.  I looked like a freakin’ brunette Barbie Doll.  I’d even straightened my hair.

It was humiliating.  Then again, this wasn’t an assignment.  It was personal.  This was for Wes. Something twisted inside me at the thought, actually made me rub a hand over my heart.  I was such a mess.  I blew out a breath and pushed my shoulders back, put some steel in my spine.  I could do this.  I would do this.

I’d wrapped up the Kansas City case a few weeks ago.  Not so surprisingly, the perp was someone the family had known.  It wasn’t as if my stellar detecting skills had solved it, either.  Nope.  One of the local stations decided to run a story on the disappearance and death of little Tessa Aria, and had requested an interview with me.  Since it was no secret I was in town, especially to anyone remotely connected to the case, I agreed.  If our evildoer wasn’t a local, it wouldn’t have mattered.

But he was.  Three streets over, an acquaintance who’d sold vacuum cleaners, of all ridiculous things.  But back in the day, it was a job that kept you hustling and on the road if you wanted to earn a living.  Mobility like that had given him a perfect cover, and a perfect way to dispose of Tessa.  Now the perp was dead by his own hand, leaving a suicide note explaining what had happened and how very sorry he was.

As endings went, it wasn’t horrid, wasn’t optimum.  The family had closure, but hadn’t been able to confront the man who’d killed their child.  God, my job sucked.  It wasn’t much of a stretch after an outcome like that to ask for vacation, which had been granted with no questions asked.

And now, here I was.  Agent Arin Thomas was now, for all intents and purposes, Arin Thomas, Investigative Reporter.  My skin crawled at the thought.

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