Media Monday: The Olympics

So we’ve been watching the Olympics for the last week, like most everyone else, and this time around, I’ve noticed a few huge “irritators”.  First, commentators, you are NOT more important than the athletes, so please shut the hell up!  Ice skating seems to be the only sport I’ve seen without a continuously running commentary that doesn’t educate for squat.  Second: NBC, for God’s sakes, let us know (maybe by using an icon on the screen?) when it’s a qualifier or a medal competition!  Lastly, while I applaud the concept of showing a cross-section of competitors, at some point, as a viewer, all I care about are the top 5 or 6 seeded folks.  Since we’re on a significant time delay here in the States, is it too much to ask that we see the competitors that actually have a shot, instead of almost every freakin’ country?  Just sayin’.

Okay, bitchfest complete.  What say you??

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