Wichita Falls, TX, the day job & my newest release…

I’m in Wichita Falls this week doing day job (AFSO21) stuff.  Have a GREAT class, with an awesome group of folks.  Didn’t hit the gym yesterday, since I’d been on my feet all day and my dogs were killing me, but I’ll definitely be giving it a shot after we finish tonight.

On Sunday night I got a TON of revisions done, really good stuff (or at least I hope my critique partner thinks so), and last night watched my Monday night staples, Bones & The Following.

In parting (before I head to class), shameless plug for my latest short Keira book, Into the Fire (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B3MK7QG) is available now for $1.49.

Okay, off to get ready for class…talk atcha tomorrow!


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