Ringing in the New Year

This will be the first of my monthly “check ins”.  Obviously I don’t have a whole heckuva lot to report yet 🙂

On the writing front, got my cover suggestions and file of Into the Fire up to my awesome cover artist, April Martinez, and really fine-tuned the first three chapters of Shoot to Thrill, which went through some pretty massive changes.  Think I’ve got a good grasp on it, and am now diving into the rest of it.  The additional threads I’m adding in aren’t necessarily huge in wordcount (I’ll probably end up adding about 5K), but they’re vital in expanding my main character’s motivations.

I’d LOVE to get the revisions done by the time I head back to the day job on the 7th (and hand them off to my critique partner), so I can start work on something new, so cross fingers.

Love the energy I feel with the start of the new year, and hoping I can leverage it into a looooong span!

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