Media Monday…Where I rank the Superbowl (Game, Halftime & Commercials)

superbowlEven though I was born and raised in California, I didn’t have a specific alliance this year in the Superbowl.  Originally, I would have rooted for Ray Lewis, but I got sick of hearing his name every five minutes, so just decided to appreciate the game for what it is…entertainment…by which I’m obviously referencing my affection for a bunch of extremely fit dudes running around hitting each other while wearing Spandex 😉

Along with the big game, you’ve got the obvious halftime gig.  It was okay.  I’m not necessarily a big Beyonce fan, so while I wasn’t necessarily agog over her performance, I was pretty damned impressed by her ability to do anything but scream in pain with those heels.

Commercials… (you can see all of them here:

First for me was the Jeep “Whole Again” spot, followed very, very closely by the Dodge Ram “Farmer”, and then, because I’m really a big ole softy, I’m gonna go with the Clydesdale bit.  The Rock gets an honorable mention for his milk spot, as does Hyundai for the Playdate and The Team.

Which part/commercial was your favorite?

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