Media Monday: Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes

I’m currently sniveling my way through a blossoming head cold, and there’s nothing better to combat that than a good movie, right?  Sherlock Holmes came on last night, and I realized I hadn’t reviewed it here yet.  Plus, the next movie we have up in the Netflix queue  is the second one in the series, so I figured it was an opportune time.

So, Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law.  Need I say more?  LOL.  No, really.  IMO this is a perfect date movie.  It’s smart, sexy and funny.  Downey, Law & McAdams have a fabulous chemistry together, and I love the spin Director Guy Ritchie put on the whole Holmes/Watson mythos.  Seeing Holmes as a brawler was a great character growth tool, as was Watson’s goal of becoming “normal”, which was thwarted by Holmes at every turn.

The depiction of turn-of-the-century London was fabulously gritty, and the music was just awesome.  If you haven’t seen this one yet, do it!

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