Talking About Books Tuesday–Geist by Philippa Ballentine

Very much enjoyed this book…once I got into it.  Fair warning to traditional romance or urban fantasy fans used to “meeting” the hero/heroine right off the bat–this is more a traditional fantasy book in that there are several chapters of worldbuilding and character introduction that kick off this book.  Once it gets going, though, it barrels along.  Sorcha’s character was totally badass, Raed was fantastic as the conflicted ship’s captain, which I totally expect in a fantasy novel.  Merrick rounds out the triad as the young mage who will need to learn and grow along the way.  While all these are recognizable fantasy tropes, Ballantine puts them together in a way reminiscent of Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, but without the confusion and giganto cast of characters (and the required syllabus that goes along with it).  There is a romance in this book, so fantasy purists, bewarned *G*.  Once I pushed past the scene building (which is necessary, BTW) this book flew by, and kept me up until I finished it.  Already put Spectyr on my to buy list!

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