TABT–When do you say, “I quit?”

This weekend I discovered that I can say “I quit” about a book even when I’m 3/4 of the way through it.  Normally I’ve invested so much time/effort into a book that I’ll slog through it, just in case I’m wrong, or the author is going to amaze me.

Not so in this case.  Why?  The writing itself was very good. The heroine was interesting, and the urban fantasy world well developed.  But the “hero” (maybe, this being an urban fantasy and all, one can never be sure) was a complete and utter asshat.  To the point where there was no way in hell the author was going to be able to redeem him.  And since the heroine let him walk all over her, with little more than a whimper, even though she’s supposed to be some kick-ass babe, I put the book down.

Then this morning I got up and considered re-reading the chapter that so inflamed me, decided I was still pissed off, and gave it away.

So what and where are the breaking points for you?

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