Six Sentence Sunday — unnamed WiP

Here’s a little bit of something I’ve been working on.  It’ll be the next one up in my writing queue, once Shoot to Thrill is done.  Hope you enjoy!


She looked out over what had once been a thriving city, unable to believe the destruction below.  It unfolded before her eyes, a war-ravaged landscape no longer peopled by the beautiful, the affluent.  Now Los Angeleslay in ruins, the dregs of society living off the remnants of civilization, one scanty meal to the next.

Peri Johnson stood on what had been the mountain overlooking the Hollywood sign, not quite believing this was the teeming city she’d left only five years before.  The sun reflecting off her aviator’s Ray Bans and the trim, expensive cut of her blue flight suit seemed to mock the devastation and poverty laid out before her.  Shaking her head slowly, she tried to take it all in, absorb the impact, but her eyes kept straying, almost as if ordered, to the crooked “D” seventy-five feet below.


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