Six Sentence Sunday — Meet Trini from my Work in Progress

So now that I’ve finished up Shoot to Thrill, I’m working on something totally different–a paranormal Keira (erotic) story.  Hope you enjoy!


Every ounce of Trini Alvarado’s concentration centered on the man who slid quietly into a corner and was watching the frenzied partygoers around her with barely disguised hunger.

Yeah, he was the reason she was here, but dammit, she’d really hoped for a night off.  Incubi were notorious for their…appetites, and usually reasonably harmless, but lately there’d been a disturbing upswing in violence related to their feeding.  Disturbing enough for the State Department to send their pet DMR agent out for a look-see on this chilly spring San Francisco night.

Of the demons who had emerged into Germany during World War II, Incubi were definitely the least of the world government’s worries…or at least they had been until now.

She sighed and started working her way toward him, glad to be out in the field again, even if it was for something this boring.

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