Media Monday–Winter’s Bone

I wasn’t sure what to expect of this movie.  I knew it was going to be dark, but how dark? I knew the performances were supposed to be stellar, but were they as good as rumor?  Hell to the F-in Yeah.  I know Jennifer Lawrence started to get serious looks from viewers after the Hunger Games, but she rocks the role as Ree, a Missouri mountain girl with the weight of her family on her shoulders.  Her father is on the run (ostensibly cooking meth) right before his court date, leaving the fate of the family (and their house and land) in question.  Ree, as the real head of the family, must care for her clinically depressed mother and two siblings, all while trying to track down her father.

For some reason I thought this was going to be a ‘searching through the trees, on a righteous quest’ kind of movie, and in a way it is, but Ree isn’t searching through the physical trees, she’s climbing a family tree that’s as steeped in crime as it is tradition.

Dale Dickey was AMAZING as Merab, the head of the female side of the clan, and without a doubt the most dangerous one of the lot.

While this isn’t a gory movie, it is brutal, in that it shows a life that is likely all-too-real, but all-too-easy for city dwellers and suburbanites alike to brush aside as fantasy.

Standout performances by Lawrence, Dickey and John Hawkes (as Teardrop) make this a move well worth your time!!

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