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Media Monday — Angel

So I’ve been watching Angel lately on Netflix.  This was one of those shows (kind of like Charmed) that I watch when I’m on the road, and getting ready in the morning, because every hotel in the world gets TNT.  I kind of burned out on Supernatural (tho I’ll probly try it again) and definitely couldn’t get into Vampire Diaries (too teen angsty for me–probly why I could never get into Buffy).

So far I’m really enjoying it, and kind of digging plugging the holes, since I’d mostly seen later episodes with Lorne (love that demon *G*), Fred, Gunn & crew.  I also find it kinda fun to watch, since Bones is one of my fave shows ever, and it’s interesting to see how David Boreanaz has evolved, and aged (just gotten better IMO).  I DO find the dichotomy/parallelism of him being a vampire with a soul then and now a religious FBI agent who acts on his gut as being kind of amusing, tho!  There was a church scene in an Angel episode I just watched where he was very uncomfortable (obviously) and I flashed to the Bones episode where Booth and Bones are in a church and he was uncomfortable again, but this time with her ongoing, and very vocal blasphemy.

All in all, enjoying this for what it is…entertainment for entertainment’s sake.  So, when I finish this run, what should I watch next?  I’m already a rabid Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Bones fan!

Earth Day Blog Hop — Excerpt from Ends of the Earth

Greetings all, and a blessed and happy Litha (aka Earth Day for most folks)!  I thought, for this blog hop, that it’d be appropriate to excerpt one of my Runequest novels, since they’re so tied to the elements (Baptism by Fire, Ends of the Earth, Sea of Dreams, Breath of Heaven).  And obvioulsy the title of this one–Ends of the Earth–struck me as being particularly appropriate.   Hope you enjoy!!

As a prize for this hop, I’ll be giving away the winner’s choice from my backlist.  On that note, if you didn’t know it, the first book in the series, Baptism by Fire, is free! Just swing by my Books page for links and to check everything out in case you win!


Logan Whitefeather shifted his backpack more comfortably on his shoulders, prying the shovel blade away from his back and lifted his head, his attention snagged by fragments of words riding the scant breeze, lyrical and potent. Then he saw her, and stopped dead in his tracks.

A pagan goddess stood, not twenty yards away, brown robes swirling in a strong gust that cycloned around her, but nowhere else. Long, chestnut hair tumbled down her back in a riot of curls stopping just shy of her ass. Slender, well-defined arms were flung out, as if welcoming the world. Her chant raised the hair on his arms. “Mother Goddess, I humbly beseech you; return the Rune of Domain to its rightful guardian. Show me, with your guiltless wisdom, where it lies.”

Logan’s heart stuttered to a stop in his chest as he quickly considered what she was asking Mother Earth. Rune of Domain? There damn sure couldn’t be two mystical stones hanging out in the Los Angeles hardpack, so he was almost positive she was referring to the Moonstone. His relic. The question of the day was what he was going to do about it, if anything.

She solved it for him by swinging around and piercing him with a sharp, assessing glare, her face half hidden by a swath of hair. He wondered what had given him away, because he could’ve sworn he hadn’t made a sound.

“Begone mortal. You have no place here.”

No place here? Logan was stunned, sudden anger boiling his blood. This was his tribal land. Whoever she was, she was the usurper. “No place here? I have every right to be here. Who in the hell do you think you are?”

“I know who I am. Who you are is irrelevant.” She actually waved her hand, as if shooing him out of a room.

He strode forward in furious, ground-eating strides until he was within an arm’s reach of her. “That’s where you’re wrong, medicine woman.” He surveyed her body in one slow sweep, from the tips of her toes to the riotous mass of curls still covering half of her face. The side he could see was radiant, beautiful and so unbearably arrogant he had the insane, overwhelming urge to wipe the expression from her face with a punishing kiss. So he stepped forward to do just that.

What he got when he grasped her arm was the very last thing he expected. Power screamed up his fingers, crawling through his body like a living thing. He yanked his hand away with a muttered curse and stared at her.

“What are you?”

She still looked at him haughtily, face half-hidden, but something flickered behind her eyes.

“It is of no concern to you,” she paused as if weighing her words, “human.” When she answered him, he detected a hint of fatigue. Even with, or perhaps because of that fatigue, her voice took on a throaty Lauren Bacall rasp that shivered over his skin like pure sex.

Before he could blast her for performing rituals on the reservation, before he could even begin to consider the electricity still dancing over his nerves, she began chanting in a language Logan had never heard before and placed a cool hand on his forehead.

Logan’s muscles immediately froze, locked in place. Even his vocal cords were immobilized. Only his brain seemed to work, and it was whirling like a dervish. What in the hell had she done?

“Have no fear. The binding spell will only last a few moments.” Now the weariness in her voice was more evident. Not that he gave a damn.

She removed her hand and shifted, revealing her whole face for the first time.

As stunningly beautiful as one side had been, the other was covered in a mass of scars snaking across her cheek and chin, winding around one eye and disappearing into her hairline. Logan would have gasped if he’d been able. Her face was a perfect dichotomy.

A bitter smile tipped her lips. “Shocking, isn’t it? I can see it in your eyes.” She lifted a hand in salutation. “As always, it is of no matter. Be well, human.” Then she was striding away from him in quick, loping strides, robe billowing around her, molding to a delectable body that would have made his cock stand at attention—if it’d been capable of vertical motion.

Long moments passed as he stood, petrified, capable of only one thing—thinking. What in God’s name was she? He turned her words over in his head, hearing again the phrase that seemed the most important—Rune of Domain.

Just Romance Me Blog Hop–NOOK Grand Prize

Wanna win a Nook?  Check out some awesome writers in this blog hop, and register to win some great prizes!!!  Begins tomorrow at 0900!!!

Talking About Books Tuesday–Geist by Philippa Ballentine

Very much enjoyed this book…once I got into it.  Fair warning to traditional romance or urban fantasy fans used to “meeting” the hero/heroine right off the bat–this is more a traditional fantasy book in that there are several chapters of worldbuilding and character introduction that kick off this book.  Once it gets going, though, it barrels along.  Sorcha’s character was totally badass, Raed was fantastic as the conflicted ship’s captain, which I totally expect in a fantasy novel.  Merrick rounds out the triad as the young mage who will need to learn and grow along the way.  While all these are recognizable fantasy tropes, Ballantine puts them together in a way reminiscent of Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, but without the confusion and giganto cast of characters (and the required syllabus that goes along with it).  There is a romance in this book, so fantasy purists, bewarned *G*.  Once I pushed past the scene building (which is necessary, BTW) this book flew by, and kept me up until I finished it.  Already put Spectyr on my to buy list!

Media Monday–Moneyball

Watched Moneyball a few weeks ago and loved it, though it did seem overly long to me and the hubster.   Based upon the book of the same name, it tells the story of Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane’s risky gamble in devising a new strategy in picking players.  Brad Pitt was great as Beane, so good that I actually forgot he was Brad Pitt *G*; Jonah Hill rocked it as Peter Brand (the first movie I’ve liked him in); and Philip Seymore Hoffman was fabulous as Art Howe.  Having grown up in Northern California (and being a diehard Giants fan), I knew a lot of the dynamics of this, but not the specifics, nor the true risk Beane took.  While the character of Peter Brand was fictitious (the real guy is Paul DePodesta), the rest of the story is apparently pretty close to the real deal.  I’d recommend this to anyone who has a love of baseball, to see the background side of how things work, and how everything changed–just be prepared to settle in for  a bit!

Six Sentence Sunday — Meet Trini from my Work in Progress

So now that I’ve finished up Shoot to Thrill, I’m working on something totally different–a paranormal Keira (erotic) story.  Hope you enjoy!


Every ounce of Trini Alvarado’s concentration centered on the man who slid quietly into a corner and was watching the frenzied partygoers around her with barely disguised hunger.

Yeah, he was the reason she was here, but dammit, she’d really hoped for a night off.  Incubi were notorious for their…appetites, and usually reasonably harmless, but lately there’d been a disturbing upswing in violence related to their feeding.  Disturbing enough for the State Department to send their pet DMR agent out for a look-see on this chilly spring San Francisco night.

Of the demons who had emerged into Germany during World War II, Incubi were definitely the least of the world government’s worries…or at least they had been until now.

She sighed and started working her way toward him, glad to be out in the field again, even if it was for something this boring.