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Talking About Books Tuesday, Fate’s Edge, Ilona Andrews

I have to say, I’m enjoying the Edge books more than the Kate Daniels series right now, likely because they contain the entire romance within one book (I’ve blogged about continuation series fatigue before).  Fate’s Edge just reinforced that impression for me.  I LOVED this book.  Loved the unconventional lead characters (both grifters) and the plot, and the inclusion of more steampunkish toys than in the other books.  Honestly, part of the reason I liked this book so much was because Audrey and Kaldor were not your typical characters.  Both were what some would consider to be a villain in another context, and for me, that raised the stakes in how the authors developed the story–they had to make these two likeable *and* make me believe they were meant for each other, even though they were “bad” guys.  I bought it hook, line and sinker–because the story was so fast-paced, the relationship had to develop at that pace as well.  The writing team of Andrews could have glossed over Audrey’s past pain, and Koldar’s past lack of true depth (in relationships) and made this a less memorable story, but they didn’t.  They put the brakes on (where many other authors would have taken the easy road) and made these two characters face their very real, very painful internal dilemmas before allowing them to truly see the other.  The plot (separate from the romance) was well done and clear cut (could have been VERY confusing), and the inclusion of Jack and George rounded it out nicely *and* gave us something to look forward to in other stories.  Well done!

Media Monday–Fiddler on the Roof

This post is kind of a twofer, since we watched Fiddler last weekend on DVD and then went and saw it at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on Saturday.

Movie first:  Loved Tevye’s character, and Golda’s as well, and Tzeitel was my favorite daughter.  And Lazar Wolf, I would swear I’d seen him somewhere before, but I couldn’t find anything on IMDB.  Anyway, I really enjoyed this musical (especially Tevye’s If I Were a Rich Man) even if it was a bit long.  Because of the length (3 hrs), we decided to split it up into two nights.  The dance in the bar was awesome and the ending bittersweet.  For me, this was a rainy weekend movie, something you watch when you’d like to smile a little, and toward the end, you’ll probably cry a bit as well (in a good way).

Stage Version:  LOVED, loved, loved the stage version.  The performers were magical, and I couldn’t believe it’d been two hours by the time intermission came around.  Even knowing the last bit was going to be an hour, it sure didn’t seem like it!  There’s just something about having an orchestra and actual props being moved around that adds that much more to the experience.  I think one of the reasons I liked the stage version better was because I felt connected to the cast a LOT more, especially Tevye.  Watching it live, you get a much better idea of what’s supposed to be funny (and there’s a LOT of funny in this show).  I didn’t get that in the movie, it was more bittersweet.  Also, the end of the stage show is glorious, with hope on the horizon, whereas in the film, it ended so bleakly, I was kind of depressed, if that makes sense.

Anyway, if you get the chance to see the Broadway version, it’s totally worth your while!

Six Sentence Sunday — Wolf in the Hand

Since I just finished Shoot to Thrill, here’s the next novella on my schedule (it’ll be a Keira book).  The tenative title is Wolf in the Hand.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Lily Tremaine slid through the forest, missing the comforting weight of her Beretta at her hip.  Her quarry, her new reason for living, lay just ahead.  She just had to get close enough to Carter to slit his vicious throat—then at least the murder charge hanging over her head would mean something.  Not that she’d live past the fatal swipe.  His minions would make sure she was dead before his body even hit the ground.  Which was all right with her–his death was the only thing she had to live for anymore.