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TABT–The Last Warrior, Susan Grant

The Last WarriorThe Last Warrior by Susan Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great book! Honestly, at first I thought this was a straight up fantasy book, but I was obviously being a smidgen dense about the clues (don’t want to spoil anything for others).

I won’t bother to recap the plot, since there are better synopses out there than I could write, but I will say that this novel has pitch-perfect pacing and characterization. I never once doubted that Elsabeth and Tao were meant for each other, but how they got there was fabulous. And the twist at the end with Xim? Fabulous! I loved the social parallels drawn between our society and the worldbuilding in this book. That might sound “heavy”, but the treatment of social issues is well done and intrinsic to the plot, and it never felt preachy–both sides of the conflict are well represented and the reader (and the characters) see the other’s side.

Both Elsabeth and Tao were well drawn, sympathetic characters–people I’d actually love to meet and interact with. In fact, their story kept me in the tub long after I was pruny, because I just had to see how it ended!

I highly recommend this one–it’s going on my keeper shelf.

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Six Sentence Sunday–Arin and Jonah from Shoot to Thrill

I’m a “six” virgin!  Hope you enjoy this quickie from my WiP, Shoot to Thrill.  It’s the second book in the CASI series.


The moment his hand touched my shoulder everything within me had become his to command. I’d moved when he pushed, obeyed his orders to a tee. Oh, he hadn’t made me do anything humiliating, but the shame and outright anger of being so easily controlled still pulsed through me. Along with a much more feminine response.

Jonah Summers’ touch had done more than control me, it lit a fire within I’d never felt before. A fire that made my nipples peak and heat lick through me.

TABT–Another Kind of Dead, Kelly Meding

Another Kind of Dead (Dreg City, #3)Another Kind of Dead by Kelly Meding
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely loved the third addition to Meding’s Dreg City series. I often burn out on continuation series about this point (with the exception of Estep’s Gin Blanco books), but Evy and her crew have kept my attention since the first book and I don’t see that interest waning.

Evy and Wyatt honestly make my heart break, because even though they seem destined to be together, fate, the gods, whoever, keep throwing seeminly insurmountable roadblocks in front of them. One of the things I appreciate the most about this series is the fact Evy gets herself into trouble (mostly through her loyalty to friends), and then she gets herself back out of it. Noone needs to rescue her, but when Wyatt and her friends do show up in the nick of time, it adds to the intensity of the story, instead of detracting.

And the last chapter of this one–OMG. Freakin’ fabulous! Can’t wait for the next one!

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Media Monday–Practical Magic

Rewatched this one on Netflix last week and remembered why it was one of those stories that I go back to time and again (Romancing the Stone, anyone <G>).  Bullock and Kidman’s chemistry, both together and when they’re apart, was fabulous, as was they storyline as a whole.  The plot centers around the two sisters, who are sent to live with their aunts when their parents die.  But there’s something very different about this family–they’re witches, cursed in love.  The first bit of the movie sets up all this, in addition to showing the viewer how uncomfortable the town is about them being what they are.  Then the real story of the two sisters begins, with Sally (Bullock) longing for a “normal” life and Gillian (Kidman) following the opposite, wild-child path.  Eventually Bullock finds her normal life, and Kidman revels in freedom, but they come together again when tragedy strikes, and again when Gillian bites off more than she can chew.

While Aidan Quinn was good in the role, someone like Bill Pullman would have been better as the “everyman” in my opinion (shades of While You Were Sleeping success).  Dianne Weist and Stockard Channing were FAB as the aunts–loved, loved, loved them. And Goran Visnjic was creepily haaaawt as Jimmy.

This is a true sisterhood movie that’ll make you all misty at the end, so something to keep in mind if you decide to grab it off the rack (or Netflix).  Great for a girls night in, or if your man is going for points in the plus column <G>.

January 2012 Newsletter

Well, it’s January, a time for new beginnings, or maybe for resurrecting a habit long gone. In this case, my newsletter!

It was a busy 2011 for me: I started a new day job here at the base, kinda pooped out on writing, and quit my other night job as the Editorial Director for Liquid Silver Books.

Here’s hoping that 2012 brings me a bit more time to sit back and enjoy reading and writing, which seem to have been banished from my vocabulary for too, too long.

On the writing management front, in 2011 I took several of my Keira Ramsay books and went indie with them. The first book of the Runequest series is free now at most major etailers, if you have a reading device and you’d like to try it out. But remember, the Keira books are spicier than the TL Schaefer ones!

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For those of you who’d rather follow my updates on Facebook, then please feel free to sign up either on my fan page (where you’ll get the Facebook equivalent of this newsletter) or my main page, where all the rest of my stuff gets posted (to include blog and more personal stuff). Either way, folks who are subscribed to either the e-mail version of the newsletter (join at OR Facebook will be in the running for my monthly prize, and then we’ll do quarterly fun stuff that’ll include signed books, bling and all kinds of fun.

Right now I’m working on the second book in the CASI series, Shoot to Thrill, and when that’s done (hopefully SOON—fingers crossed) I’m gonna snag a Keira book I started a million years ago and want to finish because I really liked what I wrote back then, and can’t figure out why I put it down.

I’d also like to take a stab at working on a fun continuity story for my blog, but that’s probably for later in the year, if at all, since I’ve got about 10 stories in the queue right now that are all clamoring for my attention.

Gonna make this newsletter short and sweet, and announce the winner of the new and improved, sparky, shiny contest! And the winner of the $15 Amazon gift certificate is….Rendalay!

Hope to “see” all of you around, and looking forward to hearing from you!!