Romancing the New Year Blog Hop!

Welcome! If you’re just happening across this post, you can begin the official 2011 New Year’s Blog Hop by clicking HERE. Tons of prizes, tons of eye candy. What more could you ask for to start a new year?

A bunch of us authors decided (okay, Alanna told us to, and we’re all scared of her) to write a quick short to go along with the fabulous picture below (artist Aaron Rohde), so hope you enjoy!

I barely held back a laugh as Cameron and Jennifer almost devoured each other, then tipped my glass to Lucas-the-hottie.  The plan to hook up our best friends had worked better than we could have hoped.  The crowd had chanted down to “one” over a minute ago and the childhood friends were still lost in one another.  Everything was as it should be—including the fact Lucas and I were now unattached wingmen.  The New Year was looking very bright indeed.

And now, just because I can’t STAND not to give y’all some lovin’ *G*, here’s your eye candy!

Have a FABULOUS  and  safe New Year!

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