Media Monday–The King’s Speech

Getting back to the basics again, pretty much across the board (entertainment, writing, etc).  Part of that was going back to our semi-scheduled movie night, and this time around we chose The King’s Speech.

SO glad we did!  This movie was fantastic from start to finish. Colin Firth was brilliant as “Bertie”, as was Geoffrey Rush as Lionel.  I think what I enjoyed the most was watching history unfold as Bertie went from being the son who would never ascend to the throne to King George the VI.  Yes, I realize they tweaked the script to accomodate length, but they did it skillfully, and without directorial intrusion (with the puzzling exception of the reimagination of Churchill’s alliances).  Helena Bonham Carter was great as the Duchess of York/Queen Elizabeth I, even though her role was hugely understated.

The psychology behind the King’s stammering was subtly done, and made it interesting rather than a “profile”, and Lincoln’s use of nonconventional tools ranged from outright hysterical (the cursing) to blasphemous (sitting in King Edward’s Chair in Westminster Abbey).

In the end, this is something I would wholly recommend.  The time absolutely flew by and it’s a movie I’ll probably watch again.

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