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Thanksgiving Weekend overview…

I was thinking how relaxing this long weekend was, until I realized everything we’d done.
Thursday: Rescued Max from the next door neighbor’s tree (he’s a housecat who still has his front claws; he gets all amped up racing around the backyard then finds himself up a tree with no idea how to get down). Luckily, it only took me and the hubster and a five-foot ladder.
Thursday: Decorated entire house for Christmas (we’d done the outside stuff last weekend when it was pretty outside), then cooked ham dinner. Note to self: Ham is good in concept, but not something that rocks my world after a year of not eating meat. Next year? BLTs!!
Friday: No early Black Friday shopping, but we did go out and about to pick up a few things we needed to finish decorating, then headed back and decorated the tree, then to Enid Lights up the Plains, our downtown tree-lighting/fireworks ceremony.
Saturday: went shopping for much-needed food, since we gave away the rest of our ham to the next door neighbors, then chilled and watched football (I actually wrote!!!!!!)

Sunday: Wrote, watched football and wondered where the heck the long weekend went as I spent two hours in the kitchen making this week’s soup (Tuscan Ribollito).

So how did your weekened go??

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

This year I have so much to be thankful for. A loving husband and family. Fabulous friends. A day job that makes me hungry to “fix” things. A night job that lets my imagination run wild.
What are YOU thankful for??

Free Kindle Book! Baptism by Fire

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Awesome new book release–Dani Worth’s Kithra series!

My friend Dani Worth’s AWESOME book releases at Samhain Publishing today!

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