Monthly Archives: May 2011

Just three of those things

I was reviewing what I’d written for Shoot to Thrill today and found three very disturbing things…

1. I use the words “weird” and “hinky” waaaaaay too much
2. I actually have a character whose first name is the same as the heroine’s last name. Confusing much?
3. I replaced the last name “Grant” with “Jenkins” and found, on page 8, that something had been “Jenkinsed” instead of “granted”. sigh

Bidding Adeiu to Long-Running Series

As much as it pains me to say it out loud, I think I’ve come to the end of reading ongoing, long-running series. I’m not talking interconnected romances…I’m good with those, but rather those books that have long and intricate storylines (usually urban fantasies). I still love the writing and the characters, but I just can’t keep track of the plots, not unless I want to limit myself to those books alone.

I read across multiple genres and categories, so keeping worldbuilding deets straight across several series is beginning to seem like work, and I’ve already got a day job, the Editorial Director gig and writing going on. How much does that suck?? I guess I just can’t justify spending the moola when my recall of the worldbuilding is foggy at best because I’ve read a dozen other books in the intervening year since the last book in the series came out. Does that make sense? Or am I being cranky *G*??

Need a week to recover from my weekend!

The hubster and I spent the entire weekend at our rental house, getting it ready for our new tenant.  I always forget how tired & sore painting makes me!  But, it’s all done, so now we can concentrate on puttering around our house for the upcoming long weekend.

On the writing front, I’ve got two more chapters to write on Shoot to Thrill and I’m done with the first draft!!  Already know where I’m going with them, so  hope to finish it this weekend, then print out the hard copy and flesh it out a bit more.

RuneQuest series now available for $.99 each on Kindle!

I decided to take my old fantasy romance series to Amazon and see how it does there.  The stories are shorter (novella length) and under my Keira Ramsay name (so a bit spicier than TL Schaefer’s stuff), but if you’re of a mind, check one of them out for under a buck!

TABT…Beyond the Night by Joss Ware

A slam-bang entry into the post-apocalyptic fray–and it’s not YA! That’s a big thrill for me since I just don’t seem to “get” YA.  The plot recap has been done to pieces already at Amazon and B&N, so instead I’ll focus on what worked for me (may contain spoilers).  Loved, loved, loved finding out which town Envy is in “our” world, and how Ware led us up to it.  The background of the world is perfectly drawn–in your face with no apologies and vivid as hell.  I had to giggle a bit over the “gangas” because every time I read it, I thought of marijuana <VBG>.  I enjoyed the two main characters, Jade & Elliott immensely, and had a wonderful time watching their relationship flourish.  I already bought the second book in the series and it’s next up on my reading list.  Don’t miss this exciting new world!!

Movie/Music Monday…Crazy in Alabama

Caught this one on cable Sunday night, and was more drawn by the cast than I was the storyline, and enjoyed it a helluva lot more than I expected.   The story was less about Lucille (Melanie Griffith) than it was PeeJoe (Lucas Black), tho Lucille’s story certainly was an amusing cutaway as we watched PeeJoe come to grips with race relations in post-Selma Alabama.  David Morse was fabulous as the moral center of the story, and the supporting cast was star0studded and hella-fun to watch.  Meatloaf was superb as the slimy, racist sheriff and Rod Steiger was great as the judge. All in all I found this to be a fun story, which was kinda weird given the dark overtones of both the murder and the civil rights storylines.